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This Year... · 2:33am Mar 29th, 2016

Guess it's time to go over the games I want to acquire. Shouldn't be much though. I'm a fag that constantly plays Payday 2 or crappy Mobas like Heroes of the Storm. Anyway, let's see...

Well Dark Souls 3 comes out soon (avoiding any spoilers for that like the plague and you should too, the best way to play a game like that is blind), so I better buy that in the near future...

And I do want Pokemon Omega Ruby. I know that's not a new release anymore but damn, the original game was the game for me during childhood. I played through that shit more times than I can count.

And I do need to acquire Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies. I'm playing through the series right now and it's fantastic. Can't recommend enough. It's easy to see why it got crossed over with MLP, in some respects. (Although a pony going to the Wright world would be way better honestly.)

Well, that should be it. And given Dual Destinies is on sale...

What the flying fuck? What could I possibly be forgetting—

N-Not... not waifu simulator 2016 too?!

Oh... Oh God... there goes my wallet. Student loans save me.


P.S. Save the Tracer ass. Seriously, somebody complained about that pose above over sexualising the character and Blizzard was just like 'lol okay we'll remove it'. Really, Blizzard? Thankfully, the vast majority of the playerbase thought it was a dumbass decision and are rallying to save the ass. Because we should save ass. Especially when it's literally just an optional victory pose to select that you won't see all that much of. There's hope for gaming yet, I suppose.

P.P.S. I'm forgetting something aren't I...? Oh yeah! Season 6 premiere. It was okay. Just okay. Sunburst was pretty cool but Starlight should fuck off. I don't want her dragging down any episodes, which I'm guessing she will. I don't even know who the fuck she is anymore. Anyway, I'm much more excited for next week's episode...

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Comments ( 2 )

That episode needed more Pinkie lol.

I agree that I liked Sunburst but I will say as Starlight goes it was fine though that is about as interesting as it was going to get with her.

I really wish that she did not go good though (at least so early). The show needs more villains and she was fine for that (though really destroy the world over a pony leaving you for school? you are nuts girl).

I'm disappointed over no mention of either Dishonored 2 or the new Mirror's Edge

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