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We are all just stories in the end. Official scribe to his Royal Highness King Sombra of the Crystal Empire. His tales are as varied as they are poignant, sad and bittersweet. Remember them well.

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Living with a Fancolt and other eratta · 1:43am Mar 29th, 2016

Poor Nyx...she's about to learn the what it's like to live with a fanboy, er colt, er King and she is seriously not looking forward to it! The next chapter of "Sombra of the Sith" called, "Living with a Fancolt" is up.

It's a short chapter, falling victim to my starting the next chapter of Mad Seeress of the North, which is tentatively called, "Mirror Lake", starting my Hitchhiker's Guide crossover comedy, "The King's Mice" in preparation for my 42nd blog post AND my Patreon and Video review of Season 6's opener. So much weirdness in one pony head fighting to get out - it's a wonder I can hold down a real-life job at times!

I also skipped posting anything last Thursday to try out the story-posting statistical research one of my connections did to see if it would help chapter views, hence why Sombra of the Sith got updated on a Monday instead of a Thursday. Unfortunately, it fell off the front-page radar even faster than usual. Now maybe one time does not confirm nor deny a researcher's number-crunching...we'll see next week. I'll give it some time to see what happens. It also had to be tonight since I am starting a temp full-time position tomorrow and that will eat my daytime life for an undertermined amount of time. That in turn always backs up the plumbing on everything else I do during the day, so it'll be a ripple effect for a while until I get used to it again. Add to that our houseguest coming in tomorrow night for two weeks and you've got a recipe for insanity - and chaos, especially since my houseguests's patron God IS the one and only Loki of Norse mythology.

Ah well, I'll stop complaining so much when I see the increase in my paycheck. In the meantime, go read "Living with a Fancolt" , upvote, comment, but most of all, enjoy!


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