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Scootaloo confirmed not an orphan? · 7:18pm Mar 28th, 2016

To me, I always found the Scootaloo Orphan fanon to be annoying. I mean what's the deal with this fandom trying to sully the heart-warming goodness that is Equestria? Well I suppose it's not too far off since we never seen her parents, but the fact that Lauren actually had given thought about Scootaloo (perhaps during her involvement in the show), and that the Supervising Director on MLP supports her words, we can probably accept this bit of info as legit.

PS: Plus I find the "busy parents that are always away from home" trope to be much better than "Just an Orphan" with no further explanation.

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Also look at this house.
That's the building Scootaloo resides in and I see people insist that it's an "orphanage". Well that's a pretty damn small one if you ask me.

I personally believe she lives with her aunt, and cousin Flash Sentry, yes. Her parents are, or in her momĀ“s case, was, in the Royal Guard. Her mom died during a mission, and his dad is away on duty, either that, or her adopted parents are Fluttershy and Rainbow

Praise be Faust for she has delivered us from our own terrible tropes!

I once read a short fic about Scootaloo actually being a little rich girl with busy but doting unicorn parents that always try to make sure the Mayordomo is at least there to look after her... Also, none of them could actually teach her to fly... It was rather nice. o3o

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