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Update 10: Slow and Steady · 11:09am Mar 28th, 2016

Hey, people of Fimfic, reading is magic here. I know I haven't really posted anything since the Twilight story, so let me give you guys something to put you up to speed.

Firstly, the Renegades have two chapters done, and I plan to release chapters when I at least finish a third or maybe a fourth one. I just wanted to do updates on a weekly basis by compiling the chapters. I think I've said that before... Oh well. Next!

Second: A fourth EQG one shot is in the works! I think you guys will like it, but I won't say anything about it. Things are better as a surprise. It's still far from completion, but I have the most of it in my head. I just have to figure out the words and it'll be up in this site. I even have the cover ready, so that's something.

Lastly: New profile cover! Hurray, I know. It's born from my huge writer's block. I got a new member for my mascots in my page. Her name is Candy and she's a lovely girl.

Doesn't she look lovely?

Anyways, that's all I got for now. Maybe this coming month, I'll be able to put out more Renegade chapters, but I'll be sure to put out the one shot. 'Till next time then!

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