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A former Australian FIMfiction author. I like to write stories, be they good or bad. I always have an idea in my head just waiting to be used. I love to write and will continue to do so.

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NatS Chapter 01 original. (For comparing the rewrite to the old) · 4:45am Mar 28th, 2016

important blog in relation to this here.. Below is the original first chapter of Nyx and the Sunset, for those of you who want to compare it to the newer version. I will be linking this in the authors notes of the rewrite chapter so it can be reached easily. Happy comparing! And thank you to MixMassBasher for suggesting I do this, and for contributing to the rewrites.

Note, what you're about to read is the very first version of it, before the changes I made only a month after publication last year. I am never doing another blog like this again. Don't hold me to that.

Chapter 1 Suspicion.

Rain poured down all over Canterlot city; lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the sky above. Cars drove by on the wet roads, and the streetlights glowed on the sidewalks and roads, illuminating the street and lighting the way for all who walked by. The sound of a child's coughing filled the ears of all who walked by with their umbrellas open to keep dry, oblivious to the turquoise eyes that watched them pass from a cardboard box close to a bench which sat by a wall. The child whose eyes watched the adult pass, hugged her knees, her hair a tangled mess which covered her face. She had no emotion other than sadness, despair and loneliness. She was as silent as the dead, and if noticed, would surely look like she had died. But no one noticed, no one cared.

The little girl simply sat there, unwanted, unloved, neglected, abandoned and alone. Her eyes grew heavy, and slowly the child's head came to rest on her knees, there she fell asleep. The rain continued to patter down all through the night and into the morning, where it was slowly coming to rest. It was at this time, out in the countryside suburbs of Canterlot City, close to the Apple farms and orchards, that the girl with fire-colored hair had gotten up and out of bed.

Sunset Shimmer yawned and stretched her arms, and the teen waited for her eyes to adjust to the light of her room. Her hair was a tangled mess, her clothes creased and loose. Her digital alarm clock beeped, its lights flashing until she stopped it with her hand, hitting the top of it with her palm before letting out another yawn. She sighed and got up out of her bed, approaching her wardrobe and opening the doors to it. She picked out her usual attire, leather jacket, skirt, purple top, placing all of them on her bed and heading into the bathroom. She put her clothes aside and showered quickly, drying herself off when she was finished and changing into her clothing when she had re-entered her room.

"Ah! Much better." She sighed to herself, turning to a mirror to look at herself. Though cleaned and dried, her hair was still a mess.

She cringed at this and picked up her hair brush. Slowly she started to carefully and gently brush the long strands of fiery hair which shone brightly in the light. Once it was finished, she got up and left her bedroom, she sat against the railing of her staircase and slid down it, laughing while she did and hopping off when she reached the bottom. A cell phone rang on the kitchen table, distracting Sunset Shimmer from getting her cereal bowl out. She looked at it and quickly got out her bowl, placed it on the bench and reached for her phone, flipping it open and putting it to her ear.

"Good morning, Pinkie Pie," Sunset Shimmer said in a cheerful tone of voice.

"Good Morning, Sunset Shimmer!!! I wanted to ask if you were going to come shopping with us this afternoon? Are you up for it? Are you?! Are you?" Pinkie spoke very loudly and very quickly.

Sunset Shimmer blinked and thought about it. "Well... I suppose I could... But don't expect me to spend so much money. I only have so much left."

"Okie dokie lokie!" Pinkie replied with much joy.

"What was stopping you from asking me at school?" She leaned against the counter, her left arm wrapped across her stomach.

"Well..." Pinkie started. "At first I was, but then I thought ‘What if you forget, Pinkie?’ So listening to my own advice, I decided to call you and ask instead!"

Sunset chuckled. "I guess that's... smart?."

"It is! Isn't it?!" the over enthusiastic teen asked. "Anyway, I'll see you at school. Byyyeee!!!" And with that, Pinkie Pie hung up.

Sunset Shimmer closed her phone and sighed, letting out a slight chuckle afterwards. "Guess I can't argue with her once plans are made, and now I have to go shopping with her, can't bail now." She smiled brightly, putting her phone away and preparing her breakfast.

While she ate her mind turned to the emptiness of her home and how quiet it got. It brought on feelings of loneliness which bothered her greatly. She swallowed what she had scooped into her mouth and held her head between her hands.

"Maybe I should go back to Equestria, my Equestria... I haven't been back there in a long time..." She shook her head. "No, no, you have friends here, Sunset Shimmer. Though admittedly, I'm one friend short..."

She sighed and looked at a picture of Princess Twilight who gave the peace sign while posing with the girls and Flash not long after the defeat of the Dazzlings. Putting the picture back, Sunset Shimmer thought about sending a message to the princess; she looked over to the book which bore her cutie mark emblem and sighed.

"You know, as tempted as I am to ask you to take me back for a little while, I don't think I'd fit in anymore."

Sunset Shimmer drank the milk in her bowel and put it in the sink to be washed when she got home. She picked up the old book and set it into her bag. The amber-skinned girl slung it over her shoulder and went upstairs quickly to brush her teeth. A knock came at her door downstairs, twice in a row. This quickly caught Sunset's attention, who managed to gargle a bubble. "I'll be right there!"

She spat out the water that was once tooth paste and wiped her mouth. Another two knocks came and with those knocks, Sunset Shimmer came running down the stairs and to the door. She opened it to see Flash Sentry on the other side.

"Uh… Hey Sunset. Would you like me to walk you to school?" he smiled.

Sunset Shimmer smiled. "Flash..."


"So, have you heard?" Flash asked Sunset Shimmer as they walked along the path to school.

Branches and trees dripping with rain water loomed overhead and above, there were plenty of gaps to view the sky and sun which were covered by clouds.

"Heard what?" Sunset asked.

"About the petty thefts happening around the Metroplex Mall in the city," Flash responded.

Sunset Shimmer looked at Flash like this was nothing new. "So? Petty thefts go on there all the time, pick pocketing, fraud, purse snatching, you name it. It's no surprise, really."

"By all the time, you mean the past three months right?" Flash looked at her.

Sunset Shimmer nodded. "As silly as it sounded, yeah. Why is that?"

The two teenagers passed by a pond with Koi fish swimming about, vines and Draconequus statues which marked Tree Hugger's house.

"Well apparently, a little girl has been sighted in the area, anorexic, in rags and with wild hair. Not much older than four or five."

Sunset looked shocked. "A homeless little girl? Who would abandon a little girl like that?"

"I don't know, but if you ask me, I think it's wrong. Nobody's doing anything about it either."

Sunset Shimmer was too shocked to even say another word. It was a very big surprise to her, to have heard of a child that young committing petty crimes. This shock lasted until she arrived at Canterlot High School. Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Applejack all sat around the horse statue where the portal to the other Equestria lay dormant. Flash passed them, waving to Sunset Shimmer, who didn't wave back. She simply stared off into space, thinking.

"Did we miss a staring contest or somethin?" Applejack asked.

Sunset Shimmer blinked and shook her head. "huh? N-no, sorry. I was just wondering...."

"Wondering what, darling?" Rarity inquired.

"W-well... have any of you girls heard of a four year old girl committing petty theft around the Metroplex Mall?"

A majority of the group simply shook their heads at Sunset Shimmer, except Fluttershy and Applejack.

"I've heard a thing or two about it, the poor dear bust be so lonely out there..." Fluttershy said in a sympathetic tone.

"If I had my way, I'd find the parents, and string them up by their hair for abandoning the poor thing." Applejack's tone was more angry than that of Fluttershy's.

Sunset Shimmer looked down, placing her right hand on her left arm in thought. "I just feel sorry for the little girl. Four years old, no parents. I'm surprised she's not... you know..."

"That's just luck, she probably scavenges. Eat out of the bin, stuff like that," Rainbow theorized.

"Maybe.. even so it seems very cruel to just disregard her and pass her off as a nuisance. Authorities won't even look for her, apparently..."

The five teens noted Sunset Shimmers feelings toward the topic and looked at one another to decide on what to say next to change the subject.

"Hey, we're going to play in the gym later, ya ‘know with our instruments. You can join us if you like." Rainbow Dash smiled.

Sunset Shimmer nodded, her face brightening with a smile. "That'd be nice, thanks girls."

The five of the human mane six smiled at Sunset who felt a ton better now. Thunder rumbled loudly in the distance, making the girls jump. They all looked at each other and laughed as the rain started to fall, forcing them to make a run for the door. Rainbow Dash held it open just long enough for the teenaged girls to come in, closing it when there was no one else in sight. The whole foyer area was crowded with almost all students, the Dazzling's sat around at the stairs watching the Rainbooms from afar.

Sunset Shimmer quickly noticed the three and kindly waved, only for her to be met with cold stares from Adagio and Aria. Sonata, however, was scooping up chocolate chip ice cream from a small tub and eating it. Sunset Shimmer put her hand down, unfazed by the Dazzlings’ stares, though she was cautious about them. She turned to her group who were talking among themselves.

"So, anyone else going shopping with me and Pinkie this afternoon?"

"Naturally I'll be tagging along, darling. I wouldn't pass up the chance to get new clothes, if only to get some ideas," Rarity chimed.

"I need to get some gardening tools for Apple Bloom." Applejack said with a smile.

"I ain't interested." Rainbow shrugged.

"I got to go to the animal shelter later this afternoon." Fluttershy frowned.

"That's cool, we'll each buy you something, if you'd like?" Sunset Shimmer offered.

"I'd like a bunny plush, if that's okay..." Fluttershy smiled.

"Maybe a new pick for my guitar?" wondered Rainbow Dash.

Sunset Shimmer nodded. "Easy enough."

Over by the stairs, the Dazzlings watched their enemies like vultures.

"Look at them, all happy and cheery as if everything was alright," hissed Aria.

"But it is!" Sonata said with a happy go lucky outlook.

"No it isn't. Our necklaces are broken!" Aria gritted her teeth in frustration toward Sonata.

"Cut it out you two. It doesn't matter that much, even without our crystals we can get our power back. Their magic is strong enough to repair our crystals if it could destroy them. We just need to figure out how to do this." Adagio rubbed her hands together.

Aria rolled her eyes, while Sonata dug into more of the ice cream.

"Even if that was so, and we figured out how to fix our crystals, we still don't have enough power to sing everyone back to their negative selves." Aria folded her arms.

Adagio caught sight of Sunset Shimmer approaching them. The lead siren motioned to her sisters to keep quiet, to which they did.

"Hey… Adagio, Sonata and Aria... I know we don't get along but… Pinkie Pie wanted to know, and I wanted to know, if you three would like to come shopping with us this afternoon, to make up for beating you a while back?"

Adagio scoffed at this. "Why would we want to mingle with you and your pals after foiling our plans!"

"You brought that on yourselves." Sunset kept her calm.

"Hmph, as if. We were just getting a meal," Aria sighed.

"I thought we were trying to take over the world," Sonata blurted out, only to quickly be hit by Aria. "Ow!!"

Sunset Shimmer sighed. "Be that way. But our door is always open if you want to make amends." She turned around and walked back to her friends while Adagio sneered and sighed.

Pinkie looked over at the returning Sunset Shimmer and smiled. "Any luck?"

Sunset Shimmer sighed. "No, they're still bent on hating us."

"That's a strong word, sister," Tree Hugger said as she passed.

The girls watched the hippy pass by harmlessly before sighing.

"Well, that's their decision. Too bad for them." Rainbow Dash folded her arms and closed her eyes.

"I can't help but feel Adagio has it out for me personally. It's worrying, like she'll suck my power right out of me in my sleep." Sunset hugged herself and shivered.

Applejack put a hand on Sunset's shoulder. "Relax, Sunset. Without their gems, they're powerless."

The bell suddenly rang for the first period of the day. The girls looked at the bell and started to disperse, each to their different classes. The Dazzlings stood up and descended the remaining three steps, each one going off in a different direction to three separate classes.


The day went on as it usually did. Sunset Shimmer behaved like a grade A student, the rest of the Rainbooms were themselves for much of their lessons, except the ones they were good at, in which they excelled. The Dazzlings did as best they could in their lessons, despite the scorn they got from their classmates. All through the day Sunset Shimmer would think about the mysterious little girl who was living around the mall, lost and homeless. She would have kept this train of thought had she not caught Aria humming a tune to herself and mumbling some lyrics. It was a slight instance of paranoia that kept her eyes fixated on the siren.

Aria could tell Sunset was watching her and rolled her eyes, turning back to look at her enemy.

"Would you not look at me when I'm trying to work?" she hissed.

Sunset Shimmer turned her eyes back to her text book while Aria turned back to her own book, visibly frustrated.

"They're beaten... there's no more need to worry, Sunset Shimmer... As if it were easy to believe," Sunset thought to herself.

Aria sighed and rested her forehead against her wrist as she wrote down in a book, she then moved her free hand to where her crystal had once been, and she touched her neck as if caressing the now destroyed jewel. The siren sighed as if to be in total disappointment at the loss, but not too disappointed as to be discouraged from future plans.

After the second period finished, Sunset Shimmer hurried to the gym to play with the band, the rain outside having subsided for the time being. Sunset Shimmer pushed open the Gym doors and walked over to the other five Rainbooms who were setting up their instruments and checking the mics.

"Yo this is a check on the mics, helloo!!!!" The whole room shook as the microphone rang out loudly with Rainbow's voice.

Everyone had covered their ears as a result and looked to Rainbow Dash in an unamused state.

Rainbow laughed and shrugged. "Oops, hehehe..."

Sunset Shimmer picked up her guitar and played a little tune on it, adjusting the strings after and trying again, satisfied. Pinkie beat on her drums for a moment, Rarity played a small tune on her keytar, Fluttershy shook her tambourine, all together making a rather unique tune. Vinyl stood by the soundboard and made sure they sounded good. In due time students started entering the gym, Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna coming in to see the performance as well. The Rainbooms looked out toward the large audience and smiled at each other and the audience.

"Good afternoon Canterlot High!!" Rainbow shouted into the mic, a cheer came as a result.

Sunset Shimmer spoke into her microphone next. "A big thanks to Canterlot High Gym teacher Iron Will for letting use borrow the Gym for this! And our principals for allowing us to go through with this performance!!"

"You ready Rainbooms?!" Applejack asked the band.

The answer came with the sound of Rainbow's guitar starting off, followed by Fluttershy's tambourine and the rest followed, Sunset Shimmer leaned into the mic swaying and moving as she did.

"I sit in my bedroom late at night,
And I look up to the stars.
I make a wish on the brightest one,
one as bright as the moon!

I lose all my hope in a dark void
as dark as the sky at night!
Then I find it again with my friends,
standing by my side!

Can you stand in darkness,
with the way dimmed of light?
Beckoning voices call your name
with nobody in sight!

Can't for once we hope again
In a world of cursed hate!
The people call for something more
to hope on once again!"

Rainbow Dash and Applejack strummed their guitars slowly to make a peaceful tune, Fluttershy's tambourine was soft with every movement. Pinkie Pie provided light background sounds with the symbols, and Rarity's keytar was primed for a slow and melodic sound. Each of the teens pony features appeared.

"I sit in my bedroom late at night,
And I look up to the stars.
I make a wish on the brightest one,
one as bright as the moon!


The rest of the band suddenly joined in with Sunset Shimmer.

"I sit in my bedroom late at night,
And I look up to the stars.
I make a wish on the brightest one,
one as bright as the moon!

I lose all my hope in a dark void
as dark as the sky at night!
Then I find it again with my friends,
standing by my side!

Can you hope again?
Can you hope again?!

That light it calls from the dawn
and softens with the night,
the moonlight glows down on our land
at night bringing beauty with the stars."

They lowered their voices and started going quiet; Sunset Shimmer strummed her guitar slowly.

"Do we dare to hope and wish again?" Sunset Shimmer finished the song.

And with that, the band concluded. They were quickly met with a roar of applause which filled the room. The Rainbooms took a bow and thanked everyone for coming and thanked the principals and gym teacher once again.

"Thank you everybody for coming! Stay awesome!!" Rainbow Dash shouted over the mic, everybody cheering once more.

Meanwhile, outside the Gym, Adagio, Sonata and Aria were sitting around on the roof of the school building, looking down at the gym where their enemies sang, training their voices to be nearly as perfect as they once were. So far they had only managed to get it only a fraction better than it was once their gems broke, but it was still difficult. Aria groaned and clenched her fists.

"Why do we even bother, Adagio?! Learning to sing is even worse than having our necklaces broken!"

"Now, now Aria, this is only temporary, at least until we can find a substitute for our old necklaces."

"As if we'll find others like them. Our gems came with us from Equestria, remember?!" Aria gritted her teeth.

"I remember, probably better than the both of you." She stood up and walked over to the railing, looking down at their enemies through a sky window.

"Equestrian magic is spreading in this world, each time the portal opens and that princess steps through. I can feel it in the breeze, in the air and in the water. The magic is seeping through and in time will fill this world to the brim, but by then we'll have our powers back, and this world will be ours."

Adagio turned back to her friends and approached them with a sinister smile. "Until then, we must do what we can to strengthen our voices, we are of Equestria after all, and our powers will work, even without the necklaces." The siren laughed between her teeth before it turned into proper laughter.

Sonata joined in with Adagio's laughing fit while Aria rolled her eyes and went back inside, just as it started to rain. Adagio and Sonata got pelted with raindrops and quickly rushed inside. Aria waited for them, leaning against a wall with her arms folded.

"Nice of you to join me, you two." Aria sounded more depressing than usual.

Adagio simply gave her an un-phased look, her mouth becoming crooked and her eyes formed an unpleasant stare before she and Sonata headed down to the school foyer, Aria followed along silently. During this time the Rainbooms met up in the cafeteria and sat around their table with food trays in front of them.

"That was awesome! For a work in progress song it was pretty good," Rainbow said with much enthusiasm.

Sunset Shimmer dug into some yogurt and ate it happily. "I'm still kind of figuring out which lyrics fit, hope, moon and all that doesn't really fit together you know?"

Rarity was reading the lyrics out of Sunset Shimmer's book. She put it down and looked at the amber skinned girl. "Well I for one adore this song, it's rough around the edges but given some time it'll be beautiful. However I feel that it's unsuited for our band."

Sunset Shimmer's cheeks went red. "I-It's a work in progress, like Rainbow Dash said."

"That may be, darling, but doesn’t it just seem a bit…odd?"

"Ears, wings and pony tails aren't?"

Rarity paused and closed her eyes. "Fair enough."

"Odd choice of words or not, the song was liked well enough, and it's our first original piece since the Battle of the Bands."

The group nodded. Suddenly, the cafeteria doors swung open and the Dazzlings stepped into the room, passing by the tables and picking up a tray to get food. The Rainbooms watched them, regarding them with suspicion.

"Twilight told us to keep an eye on them in case they decided to stick around, right?" asked Pinkie Pie.

"She did," responded Sunset Shimmer, "and I think she was right to. I get bad feelings watching them, there's nothing all too foreboding, but it's always good to be on edge, especially when you have an unshakable hunch."

"Guess we ought to start taking heed to Twilight's suggestion, one can never know if they are really up to anything or not," Applejack said with a furrowed brow.

"In any case, our suspicion may seem needless. they might truly be powerless." Fluttershy seemed to shrink back in her chair while she ate a carrot.

Sunset Shimmer sighed. "Maybe... Maybe not... It is pointless to just watch them after all."

"And after all this talk of watching them...." Applejack sighed with irritation.

Suddenly the bell rang for classes to start, and everyone began to split up and head to their respective classes.


The remaining hours flew by and in turn, so did the lessons. Adagio, Sonata and Aria felt as if they were being watched with the carefulness of a lion stalking its prey. Aria was bothered by it, Sonata was oblivious to it, but Adagio was amused. She had anticipated that the Rainbooms would keep an eye on them, per Twilight's instruction in case they decided to stick around. The bell rang for the end of school and the sirens got up out of their seats in each of their class rooms and headed off in the direction of the foyer to meet up. The Rainbooms came from their lockers to meet up in the same spot, they started talking amongst themselves when the Dazzlings arrived. Both parties exchanged cold glances toward one another, but Adagio kept her cool, a confident smile on her face.

"So sorry we cannot go shopping with you, Rainbooms. Maybe next time." Adagio laughed to herself as she and her friends passed them and left the school.

Rainbow showed great dislike toward them, her anger at a point of simmering. "I really don't like those girls, why do they hang around? Their power is useless here."

Rarity shrugged at Rainbow's words, Sunset Shimmer arriving just as she did.

"I have my shopping bags ready for the shopping spree, Pinkie." Sunset held up enough bags for herself, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Rarity.

"Great! We can get going now!!" Pinkie Pie said loudly.

"Guess we'll see you later, girls," Rainbow said, waving and walking out.

Fluttershy waved to them and followed Rainbow Dash out the door, the group now consisting of Sunset Shimmer, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack, exited the school and started the long walk into the city as it sprinkled.


The four teens laughed at each other’s jokes and looked at all the clothes on sale. Many of the students from Canterlot High frequented the Metroplex Mall every afternoon. Sunset Shimmer looked around in windows at some new shoes with studs on them, while Applejack had gone off to get the gardening tools for Apple Bloom. Pinkie Pie and Rarity were staring at the same shoes Sunset Shimmer was looking at.

"They look so cool, they'd look good with my leather jacket, don't you agree, Rarity?"

Rarity thought about it. "Some studded knee length boots perhaps, with some chain maybe. But these, I think they'd look nice as casual ware, what's the price?"

"Fifty-five bits?!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed.

Sunset and Rarity looked at Pinkie then at one another.

"Maybe we should look in another shop," Sunset suggested.

"Oh! I know! How about Hoity Toity's clothes shop? That's where I'd shop." The white skinned lady-like teen smiled.

Sunset Shimmer gave it some thought. "Sure, there's nothing wrong with having a look around."

Thunder rumbled above outside. A storm that had been predicted earlier that day was coming closer and closer.

"Hopefully we'll be out of here before that storm hits." Rarity frowned.

"Hopefully..." whispered Sunset Shimmer.

Rarity lead the two over to the clothes store; in the windows there were clothes that Rarity envied.

"Aaahh look at how finely made they are... Oh how I wish I could make outfits as grand as those... Those frilly skirts, glower petal sleeves, the large bows that look like wings."

"The massive ego that went into making them," Applejack quickly put in after having rejoined the group.

Sunset Shimmer and Pinkie Pie burst into laughter, but Rarity was not amused.

"Say what you will, Applejack. Hoity Toity's works are classics and works of art!"

Applejack put her hands up in surrender, smiling in amusement. Sunset Shimmer smiled and chuckled.

"Well let’s not wait around. I want to try on some clothes." Pinkie Pie grinned.

Rarity grinned. "Of course, Pinkie Pie, let's not dawdle, let's waste not another moment!"

And with that, the four of them smiled and headed into the clothes store and started trying on clothes they liked. Sunset Shimmer emerged from the change rooms in a tomboyish outfit with a womanly touch to it. The top was purple and revealed her midsection, and the jeans were a midnight blue with red highlights that revealed Sunset Shimmer's outer thighs and lower legs. The sleeves on the arms had giant openings in them that made them resemble robes, they hung off Sunset Shimmer like ribbons. She posed for Rarity, who photographed the fiery-haired teen.

"How does it look on me?" asked Sunset.

"You look ravishing, darling!" Rarity's grin was ear to ear.

Pinkie Pie came out of the second changing room in a frilly skirt, pink blouse with a white buttoned up vest that had a candy theme to it. The arms were sleeveless to a point just before it reached the elbow. There were pink leggings that came with the dress and a small top hat.

"Lookin’ mighty formal there, Pinkie Pie. All that's needed now is an umbrella and you're gold." Applejack smiled.

Rarity took photographs of Pinkie Pie marveling at the beauty of the dresses. "You girls look simply gorgeous. Applejack, are you certain you don't want to model these gorgeous creations?"

"I'm certain, Rarity, I got what I came for, and I took the liberty of getting what Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy wanted."

"That's really nice of you to do that, Applejack." Sunset Shimmer smiled.

Applejack smiled brightly then saw the time. "Five thirty PM already?! We've been so busy modeling we hardly noticed the time."

"But we only tied on three costumes," Pinkie Pie sighed.

"We'll quickly change back and buy these clothes." Sunset Shimmer turned and walked back into the changing rooms, changing back to her regular attire as fast as Pinkie Pie did.

"And while you do that, I think I'll buy these!" Rarity held up some beautiful foreign dresses from Hoity Toity's eastern styles range.

Sunset Shimmer picked up the three dresses she planned to buy and took them to the counter, Pinkie and Rarity doing the same. Each dress was scanned and paid for, the security tags removed and allowing the girls to leave the store with something to be happy about. The thunder rumbled loudly outside and rain pelted down hard, the stores of the mall starting to close for the night.

While she looked around, Sunset Shimmer wondered if there really was a little girl stealing from the people who came to shop. Having seen nothing of this, she started to doubt whether the little girl was real. Nn due time, would her doubts be proven wrong?

In only a few moments, the rumor was about to become real.


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