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"All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"

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  • 289 weeks
    Booms not so fun over here

    :fluttershyouch: not my favorite day. The reason behind the day is a favorite of mine, but I hate the constant booms. Why cant we celebrate with more beer and bacon than explosives?

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  • 293 weeks

    Is it wrong to downvote a story just because it has something specific you utterly loath?
    Like if you hated displaced stories and you saw one. Would it be bad to downvote it just because you found it under your nose and it kinda pissed you off?

    2 comments · 188 views
  • 299 weeks
    time for something less angry

    well after all the annoying drama and crap I have decided to let my blood pressure settle and watch something adorable
    are you with me?

    1 comments · 159 views
  • 300 weeks
    Damn I hate cowards.

    Ever run into one of those total asshats who is pissed off as hell at you but he or she... it.. can't hurt you, getting super frustrated he instead moves to attack your friends?

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    7 comments · 247 views
  • 303 weeks
    best youtube clip EVER

    3 comments · 156 views

best youtube clip EVER · 11:13am Mar 27th, 2016

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Well, this got me smiling!

3830427 I know right? its priceless XD

I use that line almost as many times as it is used on me. :rainbowlaugh: :pinkiesad2:

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