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The Deets · 6:30am Mar 27th, 2016

The TCB story revolves around a central theme, "Don't Put Your Dick In Crazy."

Remember that.

My job, as the author, is to convince you otherwise. And if you do. Even for a second. Ha!

The general set-up is the misadventures encounters of Xeno!Twilight (Xeno as Xenophobic) and your average human getting to know each other. It's set after the Equestrians arrived but before the ponification serum/potion became mass-produced and conversion centers were wide-spread.

Twilight's personality is like this~

But don't you worry! The story will totally be like this~


*sits down in the dark*




*drinks harder*

Watch out.

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Comments ( 2 )

The last line of this vid.

I never thought you would write anything TCB related. I shall investigate this nonetheless when you post it.

Hope it isn't something too twisted.

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