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I'm a Scotsman who likes to write stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety. (Discord Server)

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Q&A Round 21 - The Answers! · 9:34pm Mar 24th, 2016

No, it's not time to party — it's time to answer some questions!

Well, it will be after the break. I don't want to spam your News Feed, after all. :twilightsheepish:

As always, questions are answered in the order in which they were received.


1. Hey Geo did you and your wife have problems naming your kids?

Geo: Oh my God, you would not believe how hard it was to name them.
Twilight: He's right, it was much more difficult than I thought. It wasn't even us who came up with the names in the end, it was Spark Plug.
Spark Plug: I did indeed! (Pause) Hey, that reminds me. Geo, you still owe me a cider or two.

2. Ace do you have the tech to make a pop-tart machine gun?

Ace: What kind of question is that? Of course I have the tech to make one. Hell, I actually did it a few weeks ago, see?
(He points at the device in question, which is rapidly firing Pop-Tarts into Pinkie's open mouth.)

3. Flash you ever read the book She's just not into you?

(There is a long pause before Flash finally speaks.)
Flash: I don't get it. Are you trying to tell me something?

4.Cadence do you and Shining have any kinks. You may ignore me if you choose I wont be mad.

Shining Armour: Crystal ball gags, crystal whips, crystal chains...
Cadence: Crystal dominatrix outfits, crystal gimp masks, crystal hoofcuffs...

(Like I was going to pass up an opportunity to reuse this old gag.)

5.And finally Twilight do you have any guards since your royalty now. And if yes a captain?

Twilight: I do have a small detachment of guards, as does Geo, but they are led by a lieutenant.
Geo: (Looks around) Where is Dusk Wind, anyway?
Twilight: Probably 'enjoying the pleasures of the night,' if you know what I mean.


1. Spike, if you're mostly invulnerable, how come Twilight's treating you like a fragile foal?

Twilight: Because he's still a baby dragon.
Spike: A baby dragon who is perfectly capable of speaking for himself.
Twilight: Don't get cranky, Spike, it's not good for you.
(Spike groans.)

2.Twilight, what's your problem with quesadillas?

Twilight: They freak me out. Something about that combination of ingredients just seems... wrong.

3.Spike, have you heard of gunboots?

Spike: Uh... no?

4.Princess Celestia, how many languages can you speak?

Celestia: Zebrican, Saddle Arabian, Gryphonian, Minotaurian and - of course - Equestrian.

5.Pinkie Pie, have you tried to play the bagpipe?

(Pinkie recoils in disgust.)
Pinkie: Eww, no way! Geo told me what those things are made of!
Fluttershy: Those poor animals...

6.Shining Armor, how would you fare if you saw Cadence dressed as a ladybug?

(He grins.)
Shining Armour: I'd fare well... because I'd dress as an aphid and get her to eat me.
(He winks while Cadence facehoofs.)

7.Cadence, is the Crystal Empire its own city-state or is it a protectorate of Equestria?

Cadence: A bit of both, actually. The Empire is a self-governing nation in its own right, but Equestria will defend it should the need arise.

8.Princess Luna, is it possible to weaponize Twilight's dancing?

Luna: We would, but I'm fairly certain that the international community would declare the use of such a weapon to be a crime against equinity.
Twilight: Hey!

9.Rainbow Dash, is Miriam your middle name?


10.Fluttershy, if you can tell off a dragon, can you befriend a deathclaw?

Fluttershy: Um, I could certainly try... but their name makes them sound pretty scary.
John: 'Deathclaw' is literal, Flutters. Those things will tear you to shreds in a second sooner than look at you.
(Fluttershy wimpers and hides.)
Doctor Haywick: Nice one, John. (Under his breath) Jackass.

Scribe Scribbles

I have only one question and a statement.

1. Where do you live (city/country)?


2. Stay awsome!

You too! :twilightsmile:

harts fire

well I have a question have you ever given a idea to FIE it does not even have to have clop.

or even a single pony trapped on earth trying to survive.

Female in Equestria, eh? Well, I did write a (NSFW) story which features R63 Geo and Twilight. Does that count?


this question is for GeodesicDragon

Do you play D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) if not are you interested if you do play what edition do you play

I don't play D&D, nor do I have any interest in it. I don't have anything against anyone who does, but it's just not my cup of tea.

That's all for now.

Until the next time, stay awesome.

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Comments ( 3 )

Curiosity sated. Thanks dude.

not really what I was thinking. human female trapped in / on Equestria.
but I am sure you know that.
I hate spell checker.


Your original PM didn't say anything about the human being a trapper.

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