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Erased · 6:39pm Mar 24th, 2016

If you haven't watching this amazing anime, Episode 12 just came out and... yeah. Go throw some of your time at it. (You'll get the joke.)

Seriously though, well worth watching. It's all on Crunchyroll if you have that.

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Comments ( 20 )

I'm still at work. Five freaking ours to go. >_<

(And yeah, I cannot wait to watch it. I've been watching Erased since episode 1)

Funny that you mention it. Digibro just put up a video on why it's not all that great (he's kind of a hard ass sometimes).

Now, I haven't seen it so I can't say one way or another. It's just kind of funny seeing two conflicting opinions on it from two radically separate sources on the same day I learned it exists. A twelve episode investment is well within my chronal margin and I've already consumed Daredevil in its glorious entirety, so I'll probably check it out.

Wanderer D

3824827 Eh. I think his expectations for what it was supposed to be were completely off the mark. I honestly enjoyed it for what it was: a Magical Realism novella turned animation.

Actually glad i didin't get into erased soon as i heard about it alarms went off in my head.

Ive been watching Grimgar and Dimention W not counting series that are in their second season

Wanderer D

3824983 Why would alarms go in your head? That series is good. I don't know what people were expecting.

It's also on Daisuke which is neat.

Erased was great, I just wish Airi had shown up more.
Still a 10/10

Well I have to go watch episode 12 now haven't seen it yet but also a small question for you wanderer what your favourite Anime?

Wanderer D

3825632 The Cat Returns... and then a lot of others XD

3825009 this was confirmed for me after i avoided it for a few weeks and pmuch repeated by digibro when i checked out the video he did

Everything is obvious (all the violence is red) no subtlety ect ect. i guess why i avoided it initially was it was basically steins gate and why watch a new series when i could just watch steins gate again.

feel like im just repeating what digibro said about the series but there you go.

if your not check out grimgar if you like character drivin stories and Dimention W if you want to see something "new" i don't think much anime has covered cyberpunk without being gundam The Leads are good characters the supporting casts are good characters.

Wanderer D

3826545 Gundam was never cyberpunk. Bubblegum Crisis is cyberpunk. And I honestly disagree with digibro on Erased. He's clearly projecting what he wanted it to be rather than seeing it as it is.

3826548 the point was that not many anime are cyber punk and the closest i could think of was gundam.

Probally but as i said i formed this opinion of it before i watched his video my oppinion has little to do with his just that i can point to him and say hey this guy had similar oppinions so i can point to him instead of putting my oppinion in my own words becasue im a lazy jerk some times. XD

Another question have you seen the anime called gate?

Wanderer D

3827514 Yep. It's pretty fun.

Well, I just binged the series while at work, and besides getting extremely angry when I thought the main character died off of a rooftop, I extremely enjoyed it. Thanks for the suggest, and if I may I return the favor, The Ancient Magus's Bride was one of the best things I've read in the last six months.

3824837 So, I just shotgunned the entire series in one sitting. And yeah, I'm throwing my lot in against the critics on this one. I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish. I can see where some things might slip up with more "high brow" viewers, but nothing that impacted my enjoyment enough to remember beyond the next episode.

All of you wandering heathens: go watch Erased.

I hold this anime in one of the highest regards.

The original blend of generas smoothly delivered through a classic story telling format makes it a really tasteful show.

It might not be able to completely satisfy everyone's tastes; but I believe most viewers would find something enjoyable about it if they decide give it a shot.

3824827 Digibro is one of those reviewers whose grading system for determining whether a show is good or bad it's based primarly around themselves, what they liked it's good and what they didn't isn't.
He recently has been getting alot of attention because of Erased. He himself considers it to be his most controversial review yet and rightfully so, giving a 2/10 to an anime that it's among the top rated of MyAnimeList.net will do that.

That is a friendly podcast he had with one of his reviewing friends who he happen to completely disagree with regarding Erased. In it Digibro expresses his ideals about reviewing and how he gives good reviews to things he wants to see more about (Like K-on and Baby Steps) and bad reviews to things he doesn't, he also explains the specific things he didn't liked about Erased.

His expectations of what the show was going to be were way off and the way he held onto those views it's what culminated in this long podcast.

3826545 It's completely different from Steains; Gate. The only thing they have in common it's that they are both anime that use a form of time travel as a plot device. But of course if one decides that one is not going to like something that could very well be the end of it. We should all just spend our time doing the things we enjoy the most after all.


3825639 I decided to watch The Cat Returns out of curiosity of what your tastes were like. Would you be willing to share what made you like it so much?

I liked the music.:raritystarry:


Wanderer D

3906492 It's a bit of a follow-up to Whisper of the Heart, which is another movie I love. I love the character of Baron, he's like one of those Larger than Life types of heroic characters from early movies. Not a big fan of the dub, but the original in Japanese for both versions are pretty awesome.

If you want an awesome, awesome movie (which is an all-time favorite of mine) watch Millenium Actress.


Not a big fan of the dub, but the original in Japanese for both versions are pretty awesome.

There are two versions in Japanese? :trixieshiftright:

I love the character of Baron, he's like one of those Larger than Life types of heroic characters from early movies.

He was pretty cool alright.:rainbowkiss:

Thanks for the recommendations.


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