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Somedays, I sit, looking at the stars. I muse and wonder. I meditate and reflect. And I find the miracle in a new day of life. Especially since I swallowed so much glass the day before.

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Try Everything - Cover · 5:37pm Mar 24th, 2016

Okay, this isn't a pony-related thing but who cares?

Maybe the mods do.

So I'd better make this pony related.

Yay! Look at this stupid shit!

Okay, now that's over, hit the break to get the actual stuff.

Still with me? Great. So, I basically decided to do a cover of Try Everything from Zootopia in acoustic. Just off the cuff, no editing, in my own arrangement. Some of you have heard me sing before and you all know that the correct response is this:

Anyway, whatever. I don't give a fuck.

Thanks for listening. And no, there's no otomatone this time.

Report KitsuneRisu · 581 views · #zootopia
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Comments ( 15 )

No otomatone? Be still my beating heart.

It's funny how much overlap there is between these two fandoms, but in retrospect, not in the least surprising.

Maybe I'll make an otomatone version just for you, you snarky fuck

Also, now that I've heard it, nice cover! You are a multi-talented dude.

This is fab.

Have you considered collaborating with the SoCal Ponytones?

I'm actually angry, as I assumed you'd have an extremely goofy and stereotypical voice we could all laugh and bond about. But you actually did a pretty damn good cover of the song.

So God dammit, man. Still, really really good job, but still God dammit, man.

[2:49:05 PM] Plumanerd: god fucking dammit kits is so talented it's not fair

And no, there's no otomatone this time.


The fact that you have about 57 talents more than me makes me very jelly.

You know, aside from decent chording on the guitar, the vocals were good enough to get paid for. Maybe not _highly_ paid, but that's better than most of us! (Plus singing and playing at the same time is not trivial for an amateur.)

And you sang it with strong emotion.

Plus, unless you were raised with an English speaking parent, you have done a LOT of work on your accent. Compare and contrast with the vocals on Moonrise (esp Princess Celestia's singer) and how heavily accented the English lyrics are by a Swedish native language.

So I have to echo, yes, all the praise to you. :yay:

And all the psychotherapy if you think you're genuinely not very good by regular peoples standards :trollestia:

Author Interviewer

I did not know you did this. :O This is quite good!

Also, I'm VERY GLAD this video shows what it does. Knowing you can get good sound quality just having a Blue Yeti in front of you gives me a direction should I ever, y'know, teach myself how to play guitar (again) and start recording music. :B

KitsuneRisu: "Try Everything"

Me: "Time to chew on glass."

Holy shit. Senpai, catch me.


Thanks, guys! I appreciate it. =)

No, I haven't really. But wouldn't the distance be a bit of an issue? But honestly I'm not really into music to do that stuff. Mostly I just dick around and turn contemporary pop and rock songs into lonely white boy music. Sometimes I cover pony songs in lonely white boy style as well. Maybe I should do one of those next for shits and giggles.

YOU'RE ruined.

Well, it's a hobby. I mean, I've been playing for a couple years, but I've never had any formal lessons, and I prefer to play up the fret than do wild crazy power chords. Also it just happens that the song has a VERY VERY ridiculously simple chord progression. I figured out this one in like literally 10 minutes and did a recording immediately, so it honestly wasn't as polished as I would hope, but then again, doing stuff for fun, eh?

Also for the record, both my parents did speak English, but they had the stereotypical Chinese accent. And if you've ever heard me speak before (like on podcasts or that one video where I got drunk and played games) I also have a really bad accent. However, I did spend 3 years in Australia for studies so I guess that helped. Also I used to watch a ton of Fawlty Towers when I was a kid. Maybe that helped too.

I do other songs, too. Here, have another. https://soundcloud.com/kitsunerisu/sugar-were-going-down-acoustic-cover/s-5hVwe

Well next time join my google hangouts. I mess around in there ALL THE TIME.

And yeah, the blue yeti is amazing for picking up multiple sources and still sounding pretty decently clear. The thing is of course, to adjust the space between your face and the guitar depending on how much pickup you want, and to twiddle the knobs at the back to make sure it's directional rather than omni. I also run it through audacity to remove noise and to adjust levels to kill pops and even out the whole thing, but otherwise the set up is really simple. Of course, I'd love to have a proper recording setup with 2 mics and a soundproof booth and a pop filter even but I guess we gotta make do.

Honestly the first time I heard the song I was like "Yeah but what about drugs?"


Author Interviewer

But like

For not having all of that? This sounds really good.

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