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Sonnet on Receiving an Article of Clothing from a Worthy Horse Upon his Return from New Amsterdam · 5:58am Mar 23rd, 2016

My jedi’s soul hath ne’er blacked out the sun;
His eyes burn nothing like the flames of hell;
If snow be white, why then his fur is dun;
His laser sword’s less bloody than pastel.

I’ve never seen him give a child a clout;
His madness holds him seldom in its thrall;
And I confess it sometimes makes me doubt
Whether he kicks puppy dogs at all.

I love to hear him speak, though sailors know
Vocabulary far less variegated;
His countenance is fair, yet even so
Not one to which I’ve ever masturbated.

And yet, by hell, I think my horse as whack
As any bawdy ‘Lizabethan hack.

(P.S. - Well, of course I hate Shakespeare. Just not as much as I hate nearly everyone else. :trixieshiftleft:)

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Comments ( 9 )

Shall you compare him to a chestnut bay? He is more long-eared, yet more erudite...

I don't hate Shakespeare. But I'm down with this Jam.

That was definitely amusing.

Sigh no more, bronies, sigh no more
"Likes" were deceivers ever:
For one fic high, another low
To good fic constant never.
Then sigh not so, just watch the show
And be you blyth and bonny
While making sure to give Hasbro
All your sweet money-money!

(D'awwww--yer welcome, Bad Horse! :twilightsheepish: )

It's a nice shirt, but something sonnet.

get a room you two



Seriously, thank you (both) for making me grin like a madman.

The bromance of our generation.

You and I may not agree on everything, BH (which makes sense, since you're evil and all), but if there are two things we can be of one mind about, it's that that is a dope shirt, and a doper sonnet.

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