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How Fluttercheer got his Groove back · 6:43pm Mar 22nd, 2016

Remember how I said that I have to read my fanfictions again to find out what I'm doing wrote lately, a short time ago?
I did this now and could figure out where I'm suddenly lacking.
To make it short, my descriptions have become less detailed and lengthy and my choice of words less creative, to an amount where some of my latest fics read boring in some parts.
Everything started when I wrote "The Searchers" in the week before "Make New Friends but Keep Discord" aired. I published the fic here on May 16th and exactly two weeks before, right after "Appleloosa's Most Wanted" aired, a certain artist on Deviantart brought me into huge trouble, which had almost cost me something important.
And because I was still recovering from my depressions that I got in the hiatus between Season 4 and Season 5, this gave me a not so insignificant blow and as a result, my writing suffered and got downgraded a few levels again, after I got so much better since the NaPoWriMo 2014. Which expressed itself in the flaws that I mentioned above.
It stayed like this for "Alligator Gummy, Hero and Savior of Equestria" and "Filed Away" (of which I definitely need to rework the first chapter before I continue it now that I know that), but when I wrote "Black Mail", it suddenly got better again.
My descriptions and choice of words had improved again, not quite NaPoWriMo 2014 level again, but close to it. Apparently I had mostly recovered from that blow at this point.
I had a small setback again with "The Strange Case of Dinky Hooves' Cutie Mark Curiosity", as the lack in descriptions returned a little (which is why I will overwork the first chapter a bit too), but not as bad as before anymore.
And the second chapter of "Journeys and Destinations: A Friendship for Eternity" didn't have any of these flaws anymore, I could see that I was back at my old level of writing that I aquired during NaPoWriMo 2014 again while I read it.
So, this is where I stand now. I know the problems that made some of my latest works suffering and will now pay close attention to it to improve these aspects of my fics again so that it won't happen again.
I don't think it will, but I'm going to make sure, just in case.
Luckily, it also turned out that the problems that emerged weren't nearly as grave as I thought they were, so, part of it was my exaggerated imagination due to worries and lack of confidence in my writing too. But now these things are resolved.
In other words, Fluttercheer is back! He got his groove back and will soon resume writing!
Which also means that the next chapter of "Journeys and Destinations: A Friendship for Eternity" won't be too far away anymore now.
I haven't yet begun writing it, as I only finished reading through my fics yesterday, and I don't want to make any concrete promises for a release date now that Season 6, for which I intend to write a good amount of fics too, is approaching so fast, but once its here and the first premiere hype has settled a bit, I want to establish a schedule for writing that allows me to get everything under one roof.
I'm probably going for weekly updates then, but it's not fully decided yet.
So, slowly, but steady, I make progress in finally continuing it and updating it regularly and in fighting the universe and its evil clutches back! :scootangel:

I will inform you in another blog entry once I have my schedule in the bag and when I know the release date of Chapter 3!

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Awesome I still haven't read your stories but I will soon.


Please give me feedback once you did! :scootangel:

Glad to hear you've finished your review and feel more confident! I'm looking forward to more 'Journeys', too. I'm still trying to get back to the review of the NaNoPo that I promised...real life and so much to do , but I will for sure soon. You take care and I'll stay in touch.


Just take your time with reading, I know that you have a lot on your plate right now. :pinkiesmile:

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