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A former Australian FIMfiction author. I like to write stories, be they good or bad. I always have an idea in my head just waiting to be used. I love to write and will continue to do so.

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It continues! Nyx and the Sunset! · 7:30am Mar 22nd, 2016

So after five hours of thinking of a title, I envisioned chapter seven of Nyx and the Sunset. YAY! :pinkiehappy: Right?

I'm personally excited for this chapter in particular, the title is ominous, and the chapter itself marks the end of the first act of the story, we're entering act two of the story. This is where everything you thought about the story changes. :raritywink:

Sorry to make this a short blog, considering I'm continuing this story at last, I may, once Chapter seven is finished, start on chapter eight. I can sense a change in the story with this chapter, one that will keep all parties engaged as it's going to evolve. To give ya'll an idea, the pony up gimmick is going to be utilized in a style similar to Sailor Moon, it was pretty evident in chapter four that the characters can pony-up whenever they liked, thus Rainbow's sudden entry via flight in that chapter (though you could argue that by her racing Scootaloo she ponied up).

That being said, I'd like to remind everyone that Nyx and the Sunset was from the start, heavily based on Japanese Anime, and not just on Past Sins. Some of the interactions in Chapter six, particularly on Sunset Shimmers part were heavily anime inspired, kudos to the observant reader who picked up on that :ajsmug:. But I didn't bring this paragraph up for snide jokes, the story is only going to get darker and dramaful from here on in, and some of the things I have in mind for the third act might put many of you off. I'm fairly certain many of you have predicted what's going to happen once it gets to that point, Nightmare Moons tag basically tips you off, but it will not, and I promise you this, it will not be a Past Sins rip off. Spell Nexus practically shows you that this story is totally different from Past Sins.

I feel good about where the story is going to go now, I won't immediately revise past chapters prior to five just yet, but I don't feel the unhinged writing of chapters one through to six is going to show up in chapter seven, I'm going to make sure chapter seven sets a new tone for the story while keeping to my light hearted feelsy story telling. In addition that, I'm going to make sure this next chapter is better in its presentation, free from its Equestria Girl tropes (LittleshyFIM points those out with flying colors). Ya'll either love or hate what's to come, I'm certainly excited for it, one hundred percent. :twilightsmile:

Update!: To commemorate chapter seven, I have requested Shelbythehedgehog to once again produce a cover for this story. She's come a long way since doing the first cover (which can be seen at the start of chapter one) and I have faith in her new digital artistry skills and the idea I have for this new cover is going to be amazing. Bluest Ayemels cover (the current cover) will be moved to chapter two, following completion of Shelby's revise.

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Comments ( 3 )

a new cover? What's wrong with the current cover art? i think it's really good. Yeah, it;s a bit confusing why nyx is an anthro in the image when not in the story, but it's still beautiful.

Why change it?

3832179 Because while a lot of people like it, and I praise Bluest Ayemels work and Cerulean Voice for commissioning it in the first place. I personally feel a change is needed. I otherwise have no good reason for the change other than It doesn't sit well with me as the face of the fic anymore.

The wings and horn on that cover are incorrect. They are supposed to be made of energy (this appears in chapter nine if I'm right), but I had already asked for two changes to the art already and I didn't want to trouble Ayemel anymore (again, Cerulean Voice. commissioned it for me, I didn't ask him too, he just did it). I still love the artwork to pieces, don't get me wrong. But a change feels needed for the cover.

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