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Calm Wind

We writers do not speak. We do not hear. We have no songs. We have no pictures. We only have scripture. From words we bring images. From words we bring emotion. From words we bring life.

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Some Are Not Always... · 12:10am Mar 22nd, 2016

Willing to share...

(Courtesy of EasyGlider)

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:rainbowlaugh: Can't wait.

Is this still part three?

All aboard the hype train!!!
T-minus 50 minutes and counting...

Forty-seven minutes to impact... :pinkiehappy:

And there go all plans to write in the next two hours xD

Oh for crying out loud man, I have a paper to work on! And a video to finish! And a Fallout 4 DLC to play!



Yes we're still in part three. nearing the final 'stretch' of events in part 3 though ;)

T minus 40 minutes to impact. Hold onto your butts!

Ooh, this is gonna be good I can tell!

My body is ready

No more mindless singing while reading memes! This is gonna be a good night. Now I just have too find the ice cream...

Good thing I checked this. I would have had to wait until tomorrow to read it if I'd gone straight to bed.

I think it's time we blow this scene. Get everybody and their stuff together... OK 3, 2, 1, LET'S JAM!



why do I sense bluffing?

wth i didn't even notice that "one hour" on the first look :derpytongue2:


Oh Shit!

Didn't even realise the update!!!!

:raritydespair: :applecry:

:rainbowdetermined2: Oh well! Got an awesome chapter to read from one of my favourite storiez!!! :pinkiecrazy: :rainbowdetermined2:

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