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Just some guy who likes chaos magic, ponies, and Blender. Getting moderately good at vector art in Inkscape and Synfig, learning animation, maybe some web design when he can.

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  • Wednesday
    Opinions and Thoughts on Next Story.

    Okay, y'all know the drill by now. Story got posted, kind of petered out and fizzled. In fact, all my recent stories have been duds compared to my older work. I haven't had a big hit since Rumble's Big Day trilogy, though admittedly that got three stories featured in a row. That was two years ago now.

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    2 comments · 43 views
  • 1 week
    Random thought on Rumble and Thunderlane's family.

    Doing some research for my next 3D model (attempting to do reindeer again, and an equine, see previous blogs for background). Something occurred to me, an idea that maybe needs to be explored further.

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  • 2 weeks
    Weekend Deal on Steam: Kholat is now free.

    There's a horror game that's apparently more of a walking simulator than anything, it's free on Steam until February the 4th.

    It's got Sean Bean as the narrator. I dunno, added to my collection just to swell up that library for when I get my Master Race upgrade :twilightblush:

    Random Cracker bidding you good night and good weekend.

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  • 7 weeks
    Coming Soon: The Stub and the Snub.

    The formerly titled 'Big Trouble in Little Cornucopia' is nearing completion. While I'm not entirely happy with the ending just yet, I can say the first half of it is fit for publishing. I'll be doodling the final resolution some more and try to publish next weekend at the latest.

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  • 12 weeks
    Teaser segment: Big Trouble in Little Cornucopia

    Still no confirmation on when it'll be finished, but I'm putting what sections I have into chapter format already, to get a better picture of what needs doing. The job thing's really been draining my time, and some of the fandom stuff's been draining my energy. But never mind that, there's pony words to share!

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Anyone going FACTS this April? · 7:55pm Mar 20th, 2016

Just a quick question, see title. Anyone going to FACTS? It's the big con in Ghent, my old college town. Thinking of attending this year again, see if there's any cool merch. I still want a plush Raichu, dammit, I'm peeved that there's Croagunk plushes but no Raichu. Equal representation, I say!


So, 2nd and 3rd of April, Flanders Expo. Anyone going?

Report Wise Cracker · 99 views · #FACTS #Ghent #Cons #Con
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Comments ( 1 )

I'm going 2nd of april with a few friends. It'll be my first convention.

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