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At my school i'm kind of like the boy bully version of sunset. My hair color is black and gray stripes(im kind of supised how good it turned out)And my name is moonset

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  • 204 weeks
    OC POST 1

    Name: Midnight Moonshine
    Gender: Female
    Side: Nlr
    Class/Rank: Forth Frontal Commander
    Unit: NLR intelligence unit

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  • 204 weeks
    Im baaaack!!!

    hello everypony fanfic writer here after months of flight training i have a job and time to write again. So now i can finish the next 500+ words of "the story of moonset shimmer 2". Also I've been making OC's lots of them so i will be posting one blog post a week with info on a OC along with a picture. And thanks to my friend dolphins draws i will have a picture of moonset soon. Hope you all are

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  • 219 weeks

    “I don’t remember much about the day it all started. Only a few fragments of a memory’s is all I have left. Nothing that could help you much, If at all.”

    “Than just tell me what you remember.”


    “It all started with the gunshot.”

    Hello guys this is the intro for the next story in the moonset trilogy to be released. I hope to get is submitted soon.

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  • 220 weeks

    I have marked the story as complete because the plot has changed. So in my book that means *drum roll please* a sequel! It should be posted by next week.

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  • 223 weeks

    Hey guys I'm sorry for the wait on the next chapter but school is getting busy........again. the next chapter should be uploaded by next week. Also thanks HAKDurbin for responding to my OC blog post.

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Library is good. · 5:33pm Mar 20th, 2016

The story of Moonset shimmer is no longer on hiatus. The is becouse of the public library. The computers there work so I am able to write. Also I released a new chapter if you want to check that out. This is moonset signing off Intel next time.

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