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Sherlock, Trixie, Inspiration and Preview · 11:27pm Mar 19th, 2016

First blog! Never done a blog, never felt the need. Just decided to do this one because why not?

I thought I'd just write about why this story is actually a thing. Why not just make a Sherlock crossover? Why deviate from the premise of the show? Why Trixie?

Well she is best pony.

In seriousness though; Trixie was the most Sherlock like character in the show that I wanted to use, and the fact she's so interesting already, since she has no backstory or defined character, really makes her a sort of blank slate that can be used as any type of character. She can be a hero, villain, random side-character, and it can all feel organic and appropriate. But we all have our specific version of Trixie, and I feel that mine is very Holmes-y, so she was just the most appropriate choice.

Twilight as Watson was also pretty self explanatory I think, since she's obviously the more thoughtful and caring of the pair, but also has her bouts of cluelessness and stubbornness that just felt very Watson like. Originally, Twilight wasn't in the story at all, and her place would have been filled by an OC of all things, which obviously didn't happen. Having Twilight and Trixie together just allowed for better and more powerful character interactions I feel, which is hard to achieve with an OC, which I have an inherent dislike of even though I utilise them extensively.

Be assured though, a lot of thought went into who would fill the place of the villain, which I won't get into now... Cause spoilers.

In terms of the Sherlock Holmes connections, I'm currently reading the stories, watching Elementary, and have watched the BBC Sherlock. The Consulting Unicorn comics were the main influence though. I lifted some descriptions and dialogue straight from the books, mainly from The Sign of the Four, and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and one of the main things in the story I'm most proud of, having Twilight narrating what's going on between the changes in settings, is based on the fact that the Holmes stories are written from Watson's perspective. The adventures themselves will be largely different however, though some of my favourite aspects from the books and shows may inspire or be partially adapted in some way.

I intend to move the story along quickly, not have too much padding and have the chapters be quite long. A lot of big stuff will happen without delay, and the story itself will go on for only so many chapters. Expect hiatus' though, since chapters take long to write. It's how we English like to do things, start a story, leave it on a cliffhanger, and then not continue it until two years later after we've done other things.

Well thats pretty much everything I can think of right now. I just wanted to ramble for a bit, if it was interesting, great, if not, I can't really blame you. Next chapter is in progress, and since I'm generous, have a little preview.

A sudden slamming of a hoof upon crystal distracted Twilight from her altercation with Spike, and her head flew in the direction of the library's wooden door, where the noise had echoed out from. They were both certainly surprised at the sound, due to the lateness of the hour and the fact that they were both under the impression that they were alone in their castle home. The library was closed to the public right now, and Twilight, with a sense of urgency, recalled that the door to the castle was supposed to be locked tight, yet an impatient tapping on crystal reminded her that she was probably incorrect to assume that.

She approached the door, while Spike nevously followed at her tail, her hooves tapped and slipped upon the floor as she drew closer to the entrance. She did not allow herself a moment of hesitation, somepony was at her door, somepony who should not have been there, and she had to find out why that was.

The door flew open with a flick of her horn, which remained ablaze in defiance even when Twilight gasped in shock at the sight of the figure she found.

And that's all you get! Find out what Twilight found and more in The Adventure of the Broken Floorboard.

Comments ( 3 )

All she found were the Equestrian equivalent to Jahova's Witnesses. Celestia's Witnesses? Sunbutt does witness alot.

Anyway, looking forward to more!

The door flew open with a flick of her horn, which remained ablaze in defiance even when Twilight gasped in shock at the sight of the figure she found.

(jarring chord!)
"NO PONY expects the Spaneighth Inquisition!"

Be assured though, a lot of thought went into who would fill the place of the villain, which I won't get into now... Cause spoilers.

Please let it be Flash Sentry as Irene Adler. :trollestia: That would be a hella amusing awkward love triangle as your two canons smash together at full speed.

But either way, looking forward to the next batch. I've definitely appreciated the classic Sherlockian feel of the story so far.

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