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Who gives a shot anymore my stories suck and none of them are good, not to mention I have no reason to call myself an author or writer

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The Lunar Warrior Teaser (Work in Progress) · 4:36pm Mar 19th, 2016

The Evil prince charged at Luna. In her weakened state she was unable to defend herself. As he galloped closer she closed her eyes ready to accept her fate. A loud piercing sound resonates in her ears. After not feeling anything for a few seconds she opens her eyes. The sight before her breaks her to the very core. Before her stands the human as he stares at her with blood running from his mouth as the prince thrusts his horn deeper. He smiles before the horn is forcefully ripped out as blood shoots out and pools around the brave knight. He falls to his hands and knees coughing up blood and Luna quickly runs over to him as Celestia slowly approaches behind her.

"Cullen, why did you do this. Why didn't you escape with the elements?" Luna asked as tears filled her eyes. Cullen reaches up and rubs her face.

"It's a knights duty to defend his Princesses. Even if that means sacrificing my own life. Luna, I Love You." Cullen falls to the ground as he lies there. "Celestia I'm sorry I failed you. I wasn't strong enough to defeat Rickter. Now thanks to my arrogance Equestria is doomed." Cullen's eyes close as he breathes on last breath. Celestia walks over to Cullen and puts him on Luna's back.

"Sister what are you doing?" Luna asked eyes still full of tears. Celestia looks down at her as her eyes flashed white.

"Finishing what I started. Now go get Cullen to safety. If you act fast there may be time to save him." Celestia bows her head as her horn glows with a powerful yellow aura.

"But Sister I-" Celestia says in a voice that echo's through out the castle.

"Run Now!" she said as her and Rickter collide with a blinding flash and several clangs of horns colliding.

This was just a teaser from my current project "The Lunar Warrior". This was a snippet between the final battle. While the story is still mainly in its storyboard and experimentation phase the final product will be amazing. I may release more Teasers in the near future. Also the above snippet is not the final product and most likely will be changed near the end of the project. This is just to give you a feeling for what this story will be like.

Princess Luna's Obedient Servant,

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