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So what does Nyx look like anyways? · 12:08am Mar 19th, 2016

I had an hour this morning before work to do some writing. I could get something done in that small space of time, yeah. Then my stomach had to go and get nauseated so I can't even get breakfast down, let alone write. Yeah, thanks stomach for that. Thanks a heap.

So, determined to make lemonade out of lemons (part of what is nauseating me, I suspect, from all the lemon tea I've been drinking to cleanse my liver), I pulled some late night work I got done last night and decided to finally show off some cool stuff about our loveable, crazy TimeWitch Nyx. Check it out:

What she looks like. This is the Frozen Shadows, The King's Gift and Sombra of the Sith timeline Nyx, adorned in the armor and colors of her beloved King Sombra. The triple moon motif in her crown reflects the cycle of the moon of her patron Goddess, Princess Luna, She also being the patroness of the Marazon race. They also signify her devotion to the King of Shadows - if the outer crescents are reversed, they are the crown decoration in Sombra's own royal headpiece.

image by Soarindash

Her cutie mark is is the Oriborus - a snake eating its own tail, symbolizing the eternal cycle of time. The very wispy, shadowy nature of its design holds sacred secrets to her own nature that will be revealed in future chapters and stories in the King Sombra Chronicles.

If there's a character you would like to see from Frozen Shadows or The Mad Seeress of the North, let us know in the comments and remember to always

Hail King Sombra!

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Comments ( 6 )

The no/dark eyes thing, king of scary, but I love her cutie mark. Go ouroboros!

3814988 Heh, yeah. Ouroboroses rule! The black eyes thing creeps everyone in Sombra's army the Tartarus out except for Sombra, who secretly things they're a turn-on. (He would, given his Umbrum nature.) Finding an artist to depict them them is a bitch, tho. They are very hard to accurately draw, apparently.

They are super effective, though. I mean look at The Stepford Wives
That black-eyed, PSI Corp bitch from Babylon Five, and of course,
Willow from Buffy

Nyx is definitely in good company.

I would also think that the triple moon motif would represent past, present and future, since she can see all three. The present, the full moon is the one she sees most clearly.

Also, I'd like to see what Tight Planner looks like.

What a black eyed beauty, no wonder Sombra is in love. :pinkiehappy:

I personally have gotten immune to the black eyes are creepy, though I understand their use to signify something is not right with that character, because in my original fictions I have no less than two races whose eyes are all black. In one case it's mostly because the race is heavily telepathic and doesn't relay as much on eyesight, (they can see but it is poor) and in the other case I just wanted to give them a more alien feel, (both races are no more good or bad as humans, just as diverse in attitude and morality in fact. I don't like doing Planet of the Hats alien races)

So yeah I probably sound odd to many when I just think Nyx's black eyes maker her look cuter. :rainbowlaugh:

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