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Can't believe I'm 23... So much has changed and almost nothing has stayed the same, I miss the old days... 7+ years on this site... hot da#%

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  • 187 weeks
    Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Still Alive !!

    Just wanted to list the recent changes in my not so interesting life

    ~Started working as a bowling alley mechanic early last month
    ~Finally cleaned out my old room and began moving into it
    ~Having a nice relationship since December
    ~Gf's mom let me house sit for an entire weekend :pinkiegasp:
    ~Attempting to pick up streaming again, though my work schedule will conflict with that

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  • 299 weeks
    Just what's happened since 5/10/16

    Recent events:
    -Finally got a job
    -Single again
    -went to ichiboncon
    -didn't have Christmas again
    -Got roasted by a standup comedian bout being a boy Irvin by "choice"
    -met a guy whom I'm clicking with pretty well, and his name is Casper.
    -Coincidentally it snowed on my birthday (1/7/98) for the first time in awhile

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  • 333 weeks
    So, why me ?

    What was the reason for following me ?

    I just think about how I've done little to nothing to really contribute to this fandom and website.

    So again, why me ?

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  • 335 weeks
    Fallout Equestria Hype train has just been derailed !!

    Sweet celestial gumdrops, Somber just updated Project Horizons with 10 all new chapters !!! And each chapter is over 20K words !!!!

    Bookworm Mode Initiated

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  • 336 weeks
    Another Advertisement for our live stream

    Hey guys, if you want to come over and watch, or play with us, come join at This Link Thing. Right here. Ya this. just one click away from being there.

    Again my username is ButtonnMASH, in the stream.
    If you want to come join us in one of the games we will be playing, just say so in the chat, and we'll see what games we have incommon.

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Woop · 11:09am Mar 17th, 2016

Kiss me I'm Scott/Irish

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3812368 I like this very much, dark and morbid, but the tune keeps it somewhat chipper.

On the lips,
I'm Irish.

3814133 :Raritywink:
what's up?
long time no see.

3814140 not much really, parents getting a divorce, me and dad are moving to Louisiana, finishing high school in 3 months

3814255 aww....
but nice, welcome to the club. I officially get out of HS january of next year.

3817168 good job on the early graduation man !

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