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They call me bay. I make videos on youtube and write stories here. I like to tell people my stories, and share the ones I enjoy. Not really much besides that. [Mostly.]

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  • 149 weeks
    I'm working on getting back into things

    I'm trying to work on my ability to write, and I'm starting with my fimfiction. I've restarted work on the trotting dead, though in this case I've both renamed it, and made all but chapter one unavailable. I've edited the first chapter, and will release the rest as I finish editing them. Once that's all done with, I will continue writing the story. I have a good idea more or less of where I want

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  • 196 weeks
    Taipei trip part 1; travel


    Me vloging my trips to Taipei! In sun Moon lake right now, should be doing another vlog about yesterday and today from here soon! Time difference and busy schedule has been keeping me, well, busy XD

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  • 197 weeks
    Working away

    I've got the first two chapters of trotting dead editing, and am working away at three. Also part way done chapter 9, which is going fairly well. I'm going to try and get through chapters 3 and 9 in the next few days, hopefully before my trip.

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  • 203 weeks
    Back and alive!!!

    Hey guys, I'm back and I am writing again. And I wanna start blogging on here more, so here it goes. I've been getting back into writing as of late thank god. Something big kinda happened two years ago, and things have been really complicated and I lost most of my inspiration. Thanks to effort and my boyfriend, I'm getting back in the grove of things. Still need to make a YouTube video or 10,

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  • 216 weeks
    New Video up

    I'm slowly working at my fics guys, don't worry XD

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I've returned!!!!! · 1:00am Mar 15th, 2016

Hey guys, I'm back

I know it's been a long while, I've had a lot of school, relationship, and family crap going on, but know I am back and I'm writing fanfic again. So I should be around the site more. If anyone is interested in getting a fic reviewed on here and/or on my youtube account then I'd happily look into, weather it's yours or a story you think just needs and deserves some more attention then it's been getting. Send me a message if you're interested

Chapter 7 of trotting dead is nearly done being edited, should be out very, very soon. Sorry about the long wait guys, I'll make it up to you all somehow I'm sure

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