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Art from Backlash91 for Changeling of the Guard · 9:58pm Mar 14th, 2016


Really pleased with it, let them know what you guys think!

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Comments ( 9 )

That's awesome :moustache:

...there's a little bit too much detail on Shiny for my tastes, if you get what I mean. Funny scene otherwise, even if Idol looks like he's stoned out of his gourd.

If your wouldn't I would fuck em, if that says how I think about the art and I'm 100% straight.

Its been a little while since i read this story gonna have to give it another read before next chapter comes. but which chapter is this scene and whats going on?

Pretty nice.

3808799 Just a small line from Idol's training when he blasts a training dummy with a bit more intensity than intended.

3810210 i remember it now thanks.:pinkiehappy:

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