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    Marry X-miss to all a toast to your good health!

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    story plan

    ok so for those who are wondering. I'm alive but having trouble getting thoughts on paper as it was. But my story plans are as fallows.

    Finish Trixie And the dark moon it will be the cloest to to reaching primary story end after that I will be open to do token fun and normal displacement shit in it.

    Pirates tail.. will be finished as it is shorter.


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    Oct 1st was my birth day

    Yay another year older...… :ajbemused: I feel my age already.

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    To frineds i had a argument with

    To the two ponies that had a argument with one of you is trying to pm me while still having me blocked if you read this and have pmed me and are wondering why I haven't answered try checking if you have me blocked still. To the other pony who blocked me and refuses to try and do the right thing and talk things out I don't know what I did to make you mad and block me and have no way to ask you to

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    Sonata, Adgaio, and Aria as Gaurdians

    So my idea so far
    Sonatas Hunter

    Aria Titan

    Adagio Warlock

    What you think

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Discordain Gambit story dibs list. · 4:29am Mar 13th, 2016

Cancelled too much to do and not enough time.

Discrodain gambit is story based on this concept
story restrictions.

In you sleep discord appears before you freezing the dream and says. "Gretings nameless monkey number whatever, as one of the 'bronies' I have been sent by Celestia to offer you a one time chance to become a pony and take in seven of her little ponies before her and all her citizens arrive in a year in a mass exodus from a cataclysmic event that I want to go on recorder as stating that I had nothing to do with causing. You will become your most used OC as combined from all his/her appearances or rollplay, and you can not pick the mane six or any princess as they are needed and vary busy also spike and shiny can't be picked either as they are watching shinys daughter while this mess of a move is going on. Ok now pick your seven. Oh also you and every pony will be anthropomorphic as to better fit in with the monkeys. Also you can't pick ponies some one else has, fist come first serve. And yes if you OC is a different gender then you are you getting gender swapped" anthro is this

Remember they still have fur, hooves and pony heads. This image is safe as no naughty bits are visible.

Also this is real world you as in how you actually live work/go to school being transformed in to the OC you use most. That's why I have a shit job and live with my mom, dad and nephew. Use as much real as you can but feel free to change names for safety and or comfort.

My picks first cause my idea. (Sorry and I will be writing my events... p.s. I count Tantibus and Nightmare Moon as separate entities to Luna that shared her body so they as her daughters and separate ponies can be chosen)
Trixie Lulumoon
Sunset Shimmer
Powdered Rouge
Aria Blaze
Apple Bottom
Peachy Sweet

Switchlock has claimed
Dr Whooves.
Daring Do
Queen Chrysalis
Lightning Dust

Reeder Chaos chose
Sonata Dusk
Nightmare Moon
Starlight GLimmer
Moon Dancer
Fleur de Lis
Night Glider

Shiny Pichu chose
Maud Pie
Cloud Chaser
Vinyl Scratch
Ditzy Doo (Derpy)
Cherry Jubilee

Silverwolfftw picked
Lyra Heartstrings
Sea swirl
Button Mash
Fancy Pants
Twilight Sky

Report Gundamdragon · 466 views ·
Comments ( 7 )

In my case, I'm truly trying to decide. either Tantabus, Maneiac, or Sassy Saddles, Coco Pommel...Actually, considering how YOU yourself mentioned Luna being seperate from Moony and Tantabus, and thus Nightmare and Tantabus are selectable, *is happy he snatched up Moony* What about Flutter BAT? eh?

3805393 lol same rules as it's a case of subconus personality and discord would have a good laugh at it.

3805404 so She's also split apart too huh? Okay okay...dang. now I want both Tantabus AND Flutter bat...or as I'd call her, Flutter Fang...and i'd probably treat her like a pet of some kind...in both cases really...Hmm. I'm not even sure how to play them you know? be able of speech? or what?

3805407 tantabus maybe psychically flutter bat can in her return in the comic's as how to play the tantabus is in real would and is basically living slime pony that is free think teenagers on own for fist time crossed with alpha from doa4/5 and flutter bat wild and loves to suck fruit dry. Also maneiac is a option too tecnicly after all discord is helping so crazy better in his view.

3805427 Hmm. I see. I actually did like Alpha 152....but I also really do like Maneiac...argh I just can't decide...

3805439 pic this thing is blowing up!

3805443 Oh fine. maneiac. I've got an idea for her anyway~

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