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I am a Brony Analyst spectaculaire on You Tube and I am passionate about catalyzing a more environmentally sustainable future in real life. Doing my best to love God and love people

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  • 100 weeks
    Applejack the Workaholic?

    Applejack is a farm girl... I mean farm mare that works long hours. Does she show signs of workaholism? So what is the difference between a work addiction and a healthy work ethic?

    This video was made due to popular demand... 2 years after the fact. Hallelujah!

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  • 145 weeks
    1000 Subs!!!!

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  • 153 weeks
    Chester Bennington Tribute

    RIP Chester!

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    Shooting Stars- Pinkie Pie

    "There can only be one Ponyville's Pony of Ceremonies! And that pony is..." :pinkiegasp:

    This is the behind the scenes of Pinkie Pie's version of how Equestria was made. :pinkiesmile:

    Why? :pinkiehappy: Because of the internet, that's why. :pinkiecrazy: Hope you enjoy it

    Shooting Stars!

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  • 175 weeks
    The Hallelujah Brony Choir

    This is the first time I've tried to sing an MLP song, so I thought I'd invite a few of my clones to sing back up to me. I am currently working on an analysis video that will be out soon.

    Want to hear another song from the Hallelujah Brony Choir? Which song do you want me to sing next?

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Whinny City Convention · 4:20am Mar 13th, 2016

I will be attending the Whinny City Brony Convention in my sweet Home of Chicacolt!

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Comments ( 3 )

Hey, could you tell me what Hallelujah means?

3805381 "God be praised" Hebrew word הַלְּלוּיָהּ

3805382 Huh, weird. Thank you for letting me know :)

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