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Story Updates · 1:47am Mar 12th, 2016

Hello ponies! I missed uploading a chapter of anything yesterday because I was having trouble with the flow of the scenes for Frozen Shadows and since I have two ongoing stories and teased a new one in my blog last week here, I'm gonna put them in an easier to comprehend update here with the order of priority on my list:

1. Frozen Shadows - I realized I haven't done another chapter to Frozen Shadows in a while and want to get that caught up a little, tho to be honest, it was scaring me a little and I had a massive case of writer's block last night - the first time I have ever had one since writing horsewords! It was originally going to be so short (ONE chapter!) and then somewhere along the line I realized I needed to flesh it out a bit more for those ponies reading it who don't know who the Tartarus Nxy is - and that is where the writer's block was emanating from! True to form, I walked away from it, relaxed, forgot it and as soon as I jumped in the car to go to work, it hit me like a ton of Pinkie's party pies what the next scene should be to get it back on track! Said scene is going to be written as soon as I finish this update, but, as I often say with this crazy, timey-wimey piece, everything is getting written out of order and I have to go back and reorder things once its done.

2. "Sombra of the Sith" - is still very much a thing, and will be launched soon, so everyone I teased about it in Sunday's blog here, hang on to your lightsabers, it's definitely coming - maybe as soon as before next Thursday if all goes well with banging out this Frozen Shadows next bit today (99% sure it's going to be done before the end of tonight =).

3. Mad Seeress of the North - I already have a very well fleshed-out idea for the next chapter, tentatively called, "Mirror Lake". Nyx was really spooked by her encounter with Sombra's shadow scout and at this point wants absolutely nothing to do with this maniac king, while Sombra on his end is even more obsessed with her, especially considering she evaded him. He HATES to lose!

So stay tuned and remember to always

Hail King Sombra!!!

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Comments ( 2 )

Awesome news.
Also, don't worry about the writer's block and don't feel compelled to deliver anything under any kinds of arbitrary deadlines. Just take your time :twilightsmile:

I don't get writer's block, per se. I usually know what has to happen in a story, but sometimes I'm not sure how to get there. So I just work on something else. Sometimes a different scene - I rarely write linearly - or I work on another story. Don't force it, or worry about it. It will come to you eventually.

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