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  • 15 weeks
    Ah, A Blog Entry!

    I'm bored, I miss my friends, and I love you! :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::heart:

    Gosh, can anyone else believe I've been using this site on and off for almost 7 years??

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  • 15 weeks

    I really miss the people and friendships here so let me start this off by saying that if we were friends or anything and you have an Instagram that you use then please gimme so we can chat. I miss everyone I used to talk to.

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  • 95 weeks
    Hey quick question

    Anyone know what happened to Thomas he doesn't get on our Discord chat anymore and I'm very worried

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  • 104 weeks
    A Book Idea

    Ok so a book set in real life about all the stupid and childishly annoying things my dad has done/said.

    1. Such as gave the town a topic for gossip that was a personal family mater.
    2. Kill a kitten by putting it in a pot and leaving it there
    3. Does not understand the term "gang bang" does not mean a gang shooting another man to death
    4. Insults people behind their back

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  • 104 weeks

    Heya dorks uwu

    I'm a bit bored <.< how've y'all been?

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A story my friend Madi is making for me with OCs · 4:12pm Mar 11th, 2016

She is using her OCs and three of mine for her story!

Mine are: Pint (she is a unicorn) Sky (a pegasus) Crysty (another unicorn but I think she is being written as an earth pony and that's ok.)

So I'm turning it into a blog series. I give one part every now an then.

Part 1
t was the first day of school for Pint, Christy, and Sky. Silver, Selena, and Butterscotch were out doing their normal daily things, while Helena, Fawn, and Trisha walked their younger siblings to the first day of school.
They walked up to the door of the school. “Now I want you to do your best Christy, no dilly- dallying, and if there's something wrong come and get me, OK?” Helena said.
Christy rolled her eyes, “You say that every time. I’m fine! OK big sis?”
While she was talking, Sparkling Sword and Magic Thunder walked by. They sneered at the three and laughed. “BLANK FLANKS!!!” they shouted. Christy blushed and nudged her hoof into the ground with embarrassment. Pint gave a angry look. Sky looked like she was just about to cry.
Helena started rambling, “Why, I just might go knock some sense into those two. I otta….” Trisha pulled her away.
“Now daaaaarling,” Trisha said, “they are juuust children. There is nothing wrong with a little haaate to toughen you up. Why, when I was a young philly I...”
Pint, Cristy, and Sky all shouted “Bye!!!!” at the same time and rushed through the door of the school.

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