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    Discovered today while trying to do some online trades that direct Friend Trades are only possible locally in Pokemon Home.

    So, this is the state of the Pokemon franchise.
    - You can trade through Let's Go, but only Gen 1 and Meltan.
    - You can trade through Sword and Shield, but only the Pokemon available in the game.

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    Catra: I wonder what's even outside the friend zone anyway.
    Adora: Why don't we go find out.

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Drake's Reviews #9 · 3:40am Mar 11th, 2016

Over the weekend Filly Fantasy VI and I will be engaged in an all-you-can-code smackdown. Custom events, bugfixing, gameplay coding editing, playing through the final dungeon. One man. One rom. One survivor. No mercy.

But for now it's 8 PM on a Thursday and I'm not up to starting on that mountain tonight. Instead, let's read some ponyfics. Only three tonight because I'm not up for multiparters for casual reading.

Diyoo Wan' Thum? by TheNewYorkBrony

I'll start with a tangent - in general with fics it tends to bug me when writers use terms like "Luna's dream world" or "Celestia's sun." I've seen a Legend of Zelda fic that referred to the sun and moon as Din's Eye and Din's Blind Eye, but that's the only time I've seen it work anywhere.

Second, that cover art is adorable.

This fic is really rather dull. There's a lot of telly talk, talking about things fans of the show already know or describing Spike's feelings in narration instead of letting his thoughts do it for us. The second part reveals the reason Spike is fearful of Cadance and Shining having a baby because he may be forgotten and get less attention. Cadance tells him "no way," and Spike is appeased and goes to bed.

This fic, to be gentle, is rather pointless. There's very little substance here, the resolution is rushed, Spike's conflict seems forced, and the pacing is slow. Along the way there's not a lot of humor or emotion, either.

Recommendation: An interesting idea but a rather subpar execution.

The Worst Show and Tell Ever by TheVClaw

Yeah, between the description and the tags, you can guess where this is going - Scootaloo reads Rainbow Dash's Daring Do pornfic to the class.

The fic overall wasn't as hilarious as it could have been, but it was enjoyable enough. It stays within its T-rating and has some fun with Scootaloo reading Dash's work, as the narration notes she doesn't understand a lot of the words being used. And then the ending leaves us on a fun note.

Recommendation: If you're up for awkward humor and sexual references in tandem, this'll do it for you.

Stealing the Deed by Justice3442

Trixie being absurd and funny. Kinda sells itself, doesn't it? This is the kind of Trixie that is a guilty pleasure for me. Very little depth or nuance, but her mind is just wired differently. It's like Pinkie Pie crossed with Rarity, this Trixie runs on her own logic and sadly lesser beings are irritated and confused by the workings of her superior mind. It's a cross she has to bear. And she is definitely not insane or stupid.

She may or may not have a crush on bookhorse in a Seto Kaiba "I'm definitely not watching you take a shower" way.


“I’ve learned there are very few of life’s problems that can’t be solved by high explosives!”
- Pinkamena Diane Pie

Recommendation: Trixie is love, Trixie is life. Trixie is Great and Powerful. And she is also hilarious.

Next review is my fiftieth and my 10th review blog, not counting the Lightning Dust specials. I've been promising a friend I would get to reading one of his fics for a while. Time to live up to that promise.

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Comments ( 2 )

Being a unapologetic Trixie fan, I'm almost obligated to give every Trixie story at least a chance. Sometimes you hit gold and Stealing the Deed hits a special sweet spot for absurdist storytelling.

Also, uh oh.

Author Interviewer

Seto Kaiba "I'm definitely not watching you take a shower" way.

Screw the rules, I have Twixie. :V

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