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Who gives a shot anymore my stories suck and none of them are good, not to mention I have no reason to call myself an author or writer

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Abandoning The Fanbase here soon. · 5:25pm Mar 9th, 2016

RANT TIME! :flutterrage:

So lately I found out that in a vein attempt to be liked Ted Cruz came out as a brony. This IS VERY VERY bad. Ted is a sexist racist piece of shit like trump. Meaning if this is true then things will only get worse for bronies as these two wastes of space and flesh will ruin our already bad image. Now don't get me wrong Bronies and Pegisisters are awesome and you all are my best of friends and you always will be regardless of political party orientation. However I can't in good conscious live with myself knowing a vile monster like Ted Cruz is a fan of the same thing I am. Honestly I hope that Ted and Trump are assassinated. Now again this may just be a hoax or he could be lying just to take the heat off of him about being the Zodiac Killer. It hurts to know that my time in this fandom is possibly coming to an end. Now this doesn't mean I'm ignoring everyone. In the event that I do leave the fanbase I will give all my friends my email and Phone number so you all can contact outside of FimFic. If this turns out to be a hoax however then I will not be leaving. I'm sorry to those who have come to like me and talk to me but to reiterate my reason. I already get shit for being bisexual and a brony and if Ted and trump step into OUR territory then things will only get worse for us. Honestly I'm scared cause the two fucktards could ruin everything for us.

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Comments ( 11 )

Oh my... I am pretty sure Ted Cruz wouldn't be a real fan. If anything maybe this is his plan. A plan to make bronies just suddenly leave a fanbase. I don't really think that he is gonna detroy the whole fanbase. It isn't like he is making My Little Pony videos, stories, episodes, and products. This seems like a bit of a overeaction :applejackconfused:

3799430 It does but the republican candidates have always had a history of ruining things for everyone. and I don't wanna be part of a fan base that harbors a worthless piece of shit like Cruz and god forbid trumps Yam Larva lookin ass gets involved with MLP and that point I'm deficiently saying fuck it. I hate both of them with every fiber of my being.

I wouldn't worry about it. Ted Cruz isn't a brony he is just saying that for attention and next week no one will remember he said that

3799432 Very true... I honestly wouldn't be shocked if Trump makes up some lie to liking My Little Pony. In a way I wouldn't blame you for leaving the fanbase. Though I am deffiantely not gonna give Cruz or god knows Trump what he wants.

I just found out what the commotion on that was about. A little kid was at one of his speech thingys and she was wearing a Rainbow Dash beanie. Ted Cruz asked what her favorite pony was and she said Twilight and he said that his two daughters love Twilight. Then he goes on to say that Applejack is his favorite because she is funny. Which really, it makes since that the country pony would be the favorite of someone from Texas. It doesn't sound like he is a brony per say, but that he has watched it because his daughters watch(maybe is in the same room or something). So brony, most likely not. Someone who has seen it and likes it, most likely.

And I wouldn't leave this fanbase just because people you don't like, like it. That's like saying I hate people who say they hate MLP because they don't like it. It's the same thing and I've met a few in the fanbase that literally do hate people because they don't like MLP. Don't be that guy to do something like that, it looks bad. But, Ted's liking towards the show is rather secondhand, so I would worry about it

3799662 I'm good i got some scotch and smoked some of my ecig and went for a walk. I'm chill now and ok ya that makes alot more since.

People say Ted should be disqualified cuz he was born in Canada and his dad doesn't have his citizenship license yet.

3800350 really huh I actually didnt know that. But I've chilled now like i said before i drank some scotch, walked, smoked my ecig...and a certain erbal substance :raritywink:

If it makes you feel better I don't consider myself a fanatic... I have a passing interest becasue I like abridged series anime, comics, and the fan base is full of nice, reasonable, and tolerant people.

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