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Another Free Game - Dark Souls · 8:03am Mar 9th, 2016

While work is ongoing on various things, including several stories and review sets, someone brought it to my attention that the original Dark Souls game is (temporarily) freely available - a website (the Golden Joystick store) is giving away keys here.

Dark Souls is an interesting (if difficult) action "RPG" style game. If you don't already own it, well, here's an opportunity to get it for free.

Or at least as free as giving an email address gets.

The prepare to die isn't a threat - it's a promise. You're going to die. A lot.

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Comments ( 7 )

Thanks! Btw, It says it's only for UK/EU residents.

Thanks! We'll send you the steam key within 7 days.

That's weird.

I highly recommend this game to anyone who hasn't played before. It's one of my all time favourites. :moustache:

I've never understood:

The whole concept of video games, I guess. I've tried: I mean, my younger brother worked on Sonic 2 and Sonic Spinball for Sega and a couple things for LucasArts, too--Indiana Jones Desktop Adventures, I think was one of them, and maybe something similar called Yoda Stories. But my eyes don't seem able to track the figures on the screen--I remember him having to show me multiple times which colorful geometric shape I was supposed to be controlling--and I just could never see the point.

But then I've always been an old fogey. I've never minded you kids being on my lawn, though, so I'm hoping that counts for something. :twilightsmile:


This giveaway is over!

Dammit. I wanted this. ;_;

I am honor-bound to suggest you try interactive fiction or something.

Don't worry; I'm sure when they make VR goggles, there won't be any in my size anyway, and I'll be right there with you :rainbowwild:

I sent in the data as requested, but I guess I just didn't get the luck of the draw. No free game for me. :fluttercry:

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