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Aurora Star is an humble unicorn from Canterlot, who recently moved to Ponyville. He’s well educated and doesn't stop to broaden his horizon. He also has a sweet tooth.

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    Patreon (a list whom I support)

    No, I don’t think about becoming a creator. It’s about whom I’m currently supporting, and you might finding your interest in it. More after the page break (which I hope works).

    Note: Now there I’m done, this became a massive post, sorry. :twilightsheepish:
    Note 2: Better open at Home PC. Mobile not recommend.
    Note 3: I wanted to post this the early January, but look where that plan went. =D

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Patreon (a list whom I support) · 4:18am Mar 9th, 2016

No, I don’t think about becoming a creator. It’s about whom I’m currently supporting, and you might finding your interest in it. More after the page break (which I hope works).

Note: Now there I’m done, this became a massive post, sorry. :twilightsheepish:
Note 2: Better open at Home PC. Mobile not recommend.
Note 3: I wanted to post this the early January, but look where that plan went. =D

Listed alphabetical.
All in the brackets you may C&P in the Patreon search bar for a easier finding. Those where taken out from the creators link.

Cold Blooded Twilight (TowerOfStars) is creating Art and more:

You like art like this?

Or this?

Even this?

Well, then Cold Blooded Twilight is for you. There’s also NSFW and cute content, you shouldn’t miss.

EStories (EStories) is creating MLP comics:

Neigh Sayer and Think Pink are together Equestria Stories. They work both on comics like Seeds of Darkness and Find Yourself. There’s also Pointy Comics.

Seeds of Darkness (first three comic pages):




Find Yourself (first three comic pages):




Pointy Comics (three random comic stripes):




Something caught your aye? You like the humor? Then support them!

GashiobkA (gashiboka) is creating Comic and Art:

GashiobkA has a very interesting comic going on: Recall the Time of No Return. (I C&P because, why not?)

The comic takes place at the start of Season 4, where Pinkie Pie is in her deep thought.
How about thousand years later?
After coincidence overlapping with another, this simple question has led Pinkie and her friends get caught into storm of fate.
Enjoy the journey through time with Dr. Whooves and Rose Luck, as a perplexing mystery is awaiting to be unveiled…
Also try to spot all the Easter Eggs hidden throughout the comic for fun.

Comic (first three pages)




Art (three random pictures):




This got your attention? Do it like me and support GashiobkA!

Gray (adaptingtonight) is creating Comic Strips:

Well, actually it is a team of three peoples.

Gray - DigitalArtist Deviantart
Rated Ponystar - Fanfiction Author Fimfiction (you may know him)
Vinyl Darkscratch - Animator Youtube

While Gray and Rated Ponystar focus on the comic, Vinyl Darkscratch is creating a Source Filmmaker 3D animation of the comic series, working with the team to ensure that every detail reaches perfection.

Comic (starting at 5th stripe, can’t post NSFW, gore in some of the first few stripes)




If you like the comic, support them!

Levy Dai (dailevy) is creating Saucy Pony Games:

Levy Dai is working on a pony game called "Love Collector", a game about a changeling and mild inflation.

There a few pictures, taken out of the game. And you may find the game, if you search for 'artist:dailevy' on derpibooru or 'dailevy' on e621.

Right now, the game is at alpha v0.023a. I see potential, you may too. That’s why I support, I would like to see a finished game.

Lumineko (lumineko) is creating Art:




You like what you see? Cute stuff? Sexy stuff? There’s NSFW stuff, too! Please support!

Playpony (Playpony) is creating Art:


Playpony is a project we came up with in January 2013. Our goal is to have a collective of high quality Pony pictures printed in a magazine.
It's goal is to bring the amazing artworks made by the artists of this scene to the real world. In other words, printed in a magazine.

The artists putting all of this together are:

Well, right now there’s nothing going on. I, myself waiting for the announcement for the next issue. Still worth mention it.

Pencils (Pencils) is creating Comics Of Varieties, With Variating Styles!:


I am a passionate comic book artist who constantly strives to better his skills in all areas of comic book creation. It has been my lifelong dream to make my living doing comics ever since I was a wee lad who heard that you actually can be paid for doing something so awesome as telling stories and illustrating what you imagine up in your mind. It sounded the best thing ever and my mind has not changed since!

Comics to me have always been most fascinating form of art, they tell a story and bring entire worlds to life, they are manageable way to portray the most fantastic things without multi-million budget and the freedom involved in comics is not limited just to funding but the subjects you explore.

As you pledge to me some cash you help me to focus more on my art and worry less about keeping myself fed and clothed. I want to give my life to the creation of comics and have many great ideas and stories in my mind, and only thing that truly frightens me is that I would have to go to grave one day without having told all and every one of them to other people.

Help me to tell my stories! Sit down by the fire and join me for a tale of high adventure!

Comic (first three pages):




If you ask me, it’s worth supporting him.

RatedPonystar (ratedponystar) is creating MLP Comics:


Greetings my fellow bronies from around the world. For those of you who don't know me, I am Rated Ponystar, writer of various well known My Little Pony Fanfics such as Why Am I Crying, The Assassination of Twilight Sparkle, Treating Her Right, and more. I also happen to be the writer, and commissioner, for various well known MLP Comics such as Angels drawn by RatofDrawn, Adapting To Night series drawn by Gray, and I Will Never Leave You drawn by Jamescorck.

This patreon is to help me fund my MLP comic commissions since I sadly cannot draw. There are a lot of comic ideas I want to put out there for people to read, some of them are even series that I wish to do in the future. I'm asking both fans of the series that I have created , fans of my work, and those who are just starting to my work, to help me fund my commissions.

Please note that this Patreon DOESN’T support the Adapting To Night Series. If you wish to fund that one instead, please go here: https://www.patreon.com/adaptingtonight?ty=h

Every little bit counts and this will be a monthly patreon, although the more money I have the more comics I can get out as well as use more expensive and well known artists. The reason I do this is because I often commission more than one artist and if I get three comics done, I don’t want to take money from you all three times. I'll be posting all my comics on this patreon, even ones that are done without patreon money or by being free

All the money you give to me will be commission money to give to to the artists. None of it will be kept myself (unless there is extra and I save it), and every comic that I used the money for will be posted on the Patreon. However, not EVERY comic I do will be funded by the Patreon, and I will not use the money to buy anything else.

Naturally, there will be rewards as well for those who donate.

Totally worth it to support him, he’s a talented and well known author. And he’s also a good person.

The Abyss (theabyss) is creating Stories:

The Abyss, another well known author. He wrote I'll Always be Here for You and its sequel I'll Do Anything for You. He started a story series about his OC Batpony/Thestral(/Sarosian?) filly Nightshine in My Filly, Nightshine, which I’m going to read when it’s done.

He’s a good guy, kind, and- he seems to like cute adorable pony’s and likes to snuggle with them. Then again, who wouldn’t snuggle with those diabetes infected pones? I would totally do it! Please support him if you like his story’s.

Vavacung (vavacung) is creating Art, PMV, Comic:

Vavacung, whose I also call her my queen (she is a caring queen, why shouldn’t I?), is a talented artist who tells her story’s through her art and comics. She made comics like When Villain Win, To Love God - To Love Mortal and its sequel To Love Alicorns, Changeling Scout And The Book Of Daring Do, Crazy Future and its sequel Chaos Future, and last but not least, The Adventure Logs Of Young Queen, a comment driven story by her patons.

She does also alternate versions of her art, NSFW versions. And she does draw very cute Changelings.

Her complete PMVs, Pony Music Videos, are Servant of Queen, If I Were A Pony, Aliez and A Timberwolf Who Fall In Love With Little Red Apple.

If you like what she does, please support her.

Yes, that are 11 creators I support.

Though, there’s one noteworthy mention left.

Krystal Burns (deathsia) is creating A Video Game:

You know her on fimfiction as Deathsia. She’s author af many works. However this is not about hers story’s it is about a RPG Video Game based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It’s called The Bonds of Friendship and is currently under devolvement. It’s promising once it’s gets done.

YouTube: My little pony the bonds of friendship playthrough
YouTube: Bonds of friendship showcase video (Version 1.1.0 RPG Maker MV BETA)

If you like her game, please consider to support her.

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Hi there, I found your profile off of fimfetch.net and wanted to check out the sites that you wanted to show off and support. That being said, it is sad to see that some of the things on your list are no longer able to be found. (A real shame to be honest.) But that being, and for what it is worth Anon and that comic's page ended up moving to a whole different site/page so I figured I would share it here for anyone who might have happened upon your post and wanted to find anon.


I wanted to thank you for this blog post too because it was able to direct me to some things that are still up and have actually been completed. So I can still enjoy them even though I am eons late to the party. Wish I would have been around much sooner/earlier. But hey I'm here now. LOL.

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