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Blarg 2: the Blargle-ening. · 12:17am Mar 9th, 2016

First off, I apologize all, but I've done nothing since posting the last chapter.

Well, at least I'm... alive. Pretty sure. Yup, seem to be.

The night I posted I also accomplished one of my other long time goals.

"Get the shot, or get the flu." -CVS Pharmacy

Acquired: [1 Flu].

I thought it was just another cold, but within 24 hours I'd been slapped hard enough to curl up on the couch in a full-body down winter jacket and still be shivering. Some fun new symptoms and a week later (Seriously, pink eye from the flu?! I wasn't the only one, and one was separated by far too much distance to be coincidental.) and I was feeling better. Then I pinched a nerve in my back. Well, can't do much when there's no comfortable position. A little over a week later that was on its way out and my flu-cough was winding down to nothing.

Surprise, mother****er, a wild Cold appears!

I just can't :ajbemused: hard enough!

Fortunately colds and I get along pretty well. They stop by for the weekend and then kindly see themselves the **** out. So, I'm feeling much better now! I can get back to slaving away at the tik-a-tak board writing for you wonderful people!

Oh, and at the tail end of the flu/beginning of the back pain I moved again. A legit move this time, and not just into a friend's existing place. Yay for finally have real internet again!

Much to get to now. It should be fun though. We finally get to see some answers for our intrepid characters, right? I sure hope so!

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Comments ( 8 )

So, next chapter in November?

Not drinking enough Mountain Dew, there's your problem. :rainbowlaugh:

Pinched nerves suck. I have one in my back that kind of comes and goes.


I've had a variety, though most have been in my lower spine. Scoliosis likely makes me pinch-prone. This time was doubly annoying because it kept setting off whatever specific nerve that runs around just under the diaphram and near the top of the gut. Half the time I couldn't tell whether I was feeling residual ache or constipation.

I feel with you.
I got first the Cold and now the Flu.

Well, internet makes it all better, right?

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