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shameless whining time... · 11:42pm Mar 8th, 2016

Hello everyone how are you all doing today?
me... As the title says, i'm bad i catched a cold and i feel like... Like like if a thousand ponies tried to club me to death.... I can't breath as i want... Cough... Sneezing and (i hope not) fever... What a nice day today right... (that was sarcasm)
anyway, now that i already feel like sh%t i don't need to care about wanting things of you... So already said that
MAY I HAVE A HUG PLEASE? OR A SNUGGLE... ... PWEASE?? I FEEL SO BAD!!! But at least i got lots of friends who are willing to overhug me

disclaimer: don't worry my friends, as long as i feel better i'll return the favor to all of you... IF YOU READ THIS MESSAGE YOU HAVE TO GIVE AN EXTRA HUG...

Report e-tec · 339 views · #cold #bad #sick #hug
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Comments ( 40 )

*Hugs* Hope ya feel better soon ^^

*hugs you tightly, then pulls my arms away from you, and hugs you again* ^^

"HUG" and a extra "HUUUUG!!!!" :heart:

Oh gosh, I'm sick too. Feel better, man.

Hope you get better amigo

*snugs tightly*

Damn that sucks...*Hugs you for all it's worth, then hugs you even more snuggling.*

3798320 awww no hug?
i'll hug you while you sleep:pinkiecrazy:
thanks a lot btw :)

3798290 aww thank you *hugs*

3798292 awwww thank you!!!! HUGS!!!!

3798296 thank you :) !!!

3798306 thank you very very much!!!
and thanks for reading it all ;D

3798312 thank you very much:)

3798386 YAY !! Snuggles!!
thank you very much :)

3798446 awww thank you!! *hugs*

3798550 You know you can PM me anytime

i know... But i'm still sick enough to annoy people for hugs... A post is ok...

though if you want we can talk a bit :)

3798560 sure, give me a PM, I love to be pestered.

Your welcome!
*gives you another hug*

3798543 *hugs closely* You're such a good artist, and a great friend :)

(Hugs tightly)

Is it possible to pass a cold through a computer?
Because I'm just getting over my latest one.

3798542 *Hugs back* No prob ^^

3798613 aww thank you bro :)

3798650 GASP!!! IT WAS YOU!!!! get ready because i'm gonna snuggle you... ... badly:pinkiecrazy:
though i doubt it :derpytongue2:

3798537 Suddenly glad I'm a insomniac.

3798760 give up!!! You're sorrounded!! Every word you say could be used against you and any move you make will be interpreted as a hug attempt!!!
so you better come out with your arms spread...

3798802 You'll never take me alive coppa!

*Hugs* and anypony who knows me knows I'm not a hugger.

But I feel your pain, been tossing the proverbial cookies all day today. :pinkiesick:

Edit: I just wish this thing would evolve total organ failure so I can die already.

3799691 *hug* thank you!! Now that you hugged me i'll never let you back :pinkiecrazy:

sorry about that... You want to snuggle ?

ps: i'm sorry but i think that you don't have enough DNA points for that :raritywink:


Sure, my wife abandoned me & is watching tv. Either she wants me to rest or she doesn't want to get sick too. Either way I'm alone with a knife in my gut. :fluttershbad:

3799721 owww how bad.... Try whining more.... Like Rarity with a sprained hoof...


That... just makes her angry. She's already proclaimed me as the world's worst patient. :twilightblush:

3799782 umm then!... ... Fake demency!! start repeating the space marines codex out loud!....

or just try to distract yourself...

3799811 Well, I don't need to fake the vomiting... :pinkiesick:

and what the hay happened to you? Is a virus or you eat something bad?

3799933 There's a stomach bug going around, apparently it found its way to me.

3799997 owww poor you... Drink much water... Trust me on this one


I'm using ginger ale and Ritz crackers

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