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The Loud Neighbor · 10:52pm Mar 8th, 2016

So my neighbors make a little bit of noise. Sometimes a lot of noise.

That’s fine. I’m okay with this. They have several kids. They live above us. Sometimes they have parties and want to play music. They laugh, they watch movies, they have an ordinary life. Sometimes that ordinary life is a little loud.

Again, I’m okay with this. Because I know, and am quite aware of the fact, that myself and my roommates are fairly loud as well. I know that most of the time our noise is kept at a sufficiently low volume that they don’t hear us, but then there are the times that we have parties, that we have late night movie showings, and we want to hear that T-Rex roar from Jurassic Park in our bones. And I’m aware that at those moments, they can probably hear us. I’d be surprised if they couldn’t.

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Comments ( 5 )

Hmm that is a nice one. Now if only some groups around here had the smarts to actually understand it...
[REDACTED long post]

Well said! We could all learn to forgive others' little annoyances a little more freely.

But you see, it is on the internet, and that offends me by merely existing. I can not allow someone else with a viewpoint different from mine to EVER have their way. They MUST fall in line, or else I will post something terrible about them on my Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr page. And should they do the same to me, or dare ever criticize my holy crusade against wrongful ideology, I shall report them for harassment, and cry to my social media sites about my oppression, all the while holding out my Patreon wallet for kind donations of my fellow special snowflakes. /s

Following your analogy, the problem is that if certain neighbors would just keep to themselves, I would be entirely fine with that, even I do not agree. But those certain neighbors feel entitled to barge into my house and complain about my decoration and lifestyle, and when I tell them to leave, they decide to SWAT me.

The metaphor of "barge into my house" isn't very good, at least when it comes to stories and feedback.

It's more like you open your door and invite people to see your decor. So they see it and criticize it. You ask them to leave or otherwise ignore it and they laugh at you for being too sensitive.

Then you do the same to them and they tell you you are having a childish outburst and then throw you out.

I haven't seen ideology start to run rampant on this site... All the drama I've seen is over character portrayal or writing quality.

Edit: That was a bit less metaphorical than the metaphor you and Viking have said, though... And, if you two were talking more about ideology than criticism, then perhaps I'm off topic.

I was commenting on ideology more than anything else, and not on this site, but social media sites in general.
Well, if I were to make the analogy more accurate, it would be a public space, say, a park. I get to dress and act as I like, so long as it does not break any laws. Certain folks dislike my tastes, and demand I dress up more. I argue freedom of expression. So they go to their media buddies, who create articles of outrage on my clothes. Eventually, in order to avoid the loud minority making them look bad, the law is suddenly changed so that my outfit is illegal under said law. Is it justified censorship? Certain folks would say so, quoting the usual "Think of the oppressedfirstworldwomen children!" So much for freedom of speech.

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