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Little something · 5:07pm Mar 8th, 2016

I wrote this for Monster in the Snow a while ago to give me a good idea of how the weapons the Equestrians use work and a little insight into the military organisation. I cant find a way to include it in the story but I might include it as a author note in the next chapter.

The Celestine Class of Light Infantry spear was developed on the first month of the four hundredth and ninth year of the reign of our Princess Celestia alone and follows the Clover method of generating a concussive force from the rapid discharge of magic along a grounding implement.

The Celestine Class utilises the same convention for magical discharge but uses an advanced matrix cast with the grounding rod within the spear to direct the discharge more accurately. The Celestine Class can also be used to direct magical attacks besides simple kinetic blasts but such enchanted charges are restricted to special forces.and naval operations.

The Model 51 Light Infantry spear is rated to fire with fifty six percent accuracy at ranges of up to two hundred meters should the operator be given the opportunity to brace themselves and aim. The Model 51 Light Infantry spear is to be fitted with a Military grade Charge (Cut Arcane Crystal) with the dimensions of 50mmx 12mmx 14mm with a double pointed Cloudsdale style cut.

The Model 51 resembles a normal spear with a wooden shaft and a steel point. The spear itself however has a copper core inside the wooden shaft that houses the Charge and directs the flow of energy, the steel point conceals a Ruby spike to direct the kinetic charge. The Model 51 can be used as a normal spear if needed and all operators are required to have drilled in spear formations.

The charge should weigh six kilograms each before firing and each charge can only be fired once before it must be discarded and replaced. Replacement of the charge MUST be done via hoof or mouth and unicorns are prohibited from handling the charges with magic. The use of an insufficient Charge and therefore creating a lighter load for transportation is strictly prohibited and is grounds for immediate discharge.

The model 51 Light Infantry spear MUST not receive modification from its user or the holder of its requisition ticket, all Model 51 Light Infantry spears that have received modification will be replaced and the cost of replacement will be covered by the guilty party, If the modified weapon still meets operational standards the guilty party may purchase the spear at a cost no less than two hundred and twelve bits.

If the modified weapon does not meet operational standards as outlined by the present commanding officer the guilty party will suffer correctional punishment up to the seizure of one year's pay. Officers may wish to levy a more immediate punishment as is there right and may punish the guilty party as per the standards set out in the officers number 7 handbook

Loss or destruction of the Model 51 where the operator or holder of its requisition ticket is not grounds for punishment and another Model 51 shall be granted to the holder of the ticket to be given to the operator. Loss or destruction of the Model 51 where the operator or holder of its requisition ticket is grounds for a seizure of a years pay and redeployment to a labour regiment for a period of no less then a year.

Addendum, Cosmetic modifications that in no way impede the operational effectiveness of the weapon and so long as the cosmetic modifications serve to show loyalty or to improve morale and cohesion of a regiment are permitted, any officer present can rule over the validity of a cosmetic modification.

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I love how deep you go with this, that's what I really enjoy in mediums like this <3

3797670 I might be doing more stuff like this, its fun to do! I just have to think of something to write about!

More story when?

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