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  • Tuesday
    Halo Infinite Campaign Stream Tomorrow

    Hey all.

    Just a heads up that I am planning on streaming Halo Infinite's campaign as I go in blind tomorrow.

    No, I do not have a specific time for you, because the 1PM EST time is apparently when you can begin downloading it.

    So likely late afternoon to evening.

    Anyone else remember midnight releases?

    Welcome to Modern GamingTM.

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  • Sunday
    Late Night Art Post!

    Special thanks once again to Little Tigress for this amazing rendition of my OC, Sky Scribbles!

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  • Sunday
    Halo Infinite Update: Week 2.5

    "As for Slayer itself, we're still having discussions around feasibility."

    "Historically, a Slayer only playlist and an Objective only playlist always resulted in the Obj playlist quickly becoming unhealthy."

    343 Industries' Community Manager, ladies and gents.

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  • Saturday
    Has anyone ever attended a live Esports event?

    I'm thinking about attending HCS Kansas City in April, and I'm wondering about what I can expect as a spectator.

    Like, obviously the main stage for the biggest stuff but I'm wondering what else there is to do at these type of events.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Thursday
    Is it just me, or does Fimfiction hate imgur links?

    Seriously, do I need to find a image hosting alternative? Because it's been like this for months.

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#DailyHalo 8 · 12:05pm Mar 8th, 2016

And we begin week two of my daily Halo photography!

My third week of Arena REQ bundle packs got me my sought-after Rex visor. Best shade of purple yet!

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