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We are all just stories in the end. Official scribe to his Royal Highness King Sombra of the Crystal Empire. His tales are as varied as they are poignant, sad and bittersweet. Remember them well.

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Evehly is back and OMG animatic on Ask Opalescent Pearl will MAKE YOU CRY YOUR GUTS OUT!!! · 6:07am Mar 8th, 2016

Great news this evening as I walked in the door and parked my plot in front of the 'puter after a hard day of caregiving...EVEHLY IS BACK!!! I've been fretting about her since she said she had to go into the hospital for a week. One doesn't stay AN ENTIRE WEEK in the hospital for a little procedure - ugh! I went in for hernia surgery twice and they kicked me out the next day (tho to be fair, I was ready to go home, lol). So get your selves over to her blog and welcome her back! She's promising us two new chapters of "Shy Can See" by the end of the month and I tell ya, the end of the month CAN'T COME FAST ENOUGH!

OMG, isn't he HANDSOME?!?!?!??!!!!!

On another front, OMG GO TO THE TUMBLR BLOG "ASK OPALESCENT PEARL" and check out this freakin' AMAZING animatic Tambelon did for her 1,000 followers mark back in the first year of Pearl's blog. Done to the song "I Will Be There" from "The Count of Month Cristo", it will GUT YOU AND MAKE YOU CRY but in a good way. If you are a sappy romantic and want to see romance in Sombra's life - go see this, GO SEE IT NOW!!!


You are one lucky mare, Opal!

SQUEE! I can't stop posting pics of this adorable couple.

They are so GORGEOUS together!

Okay, just ONE MORE!

The happy couple, but only in their dreams. Eeeekkkkk...get them together!

This is weird timing finding this as I had another new Sombra story arc hit me this morning and - get this - it's A Sombrashy arc! Creepy timing considering the Queen of Sombrashy illos Evehly just came back TODAY to FIMFic. That means it was MEANT TO BE! With the working title, "With This Life I Give to Thee", I already have a SEVEN PAGE draft of notes and have to bite my nails while I queue it up behind updates to Mad Seeress of the North, Frozen Shadows, Sombra of the Sith and six other stories I haven't told anyone else about yet.

I'm gonna be on FIMFic a while.

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Was happy to see that Evehly was back as well, I've had my share of hospital visits and know they can't always be very easy.

Glad Evehly is out of the hospital. That was a cool animatic, makes me want to check out the movie.

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