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Just to keep everyone up to speed... · 9:40pm Mar 7th, 2016

Hey there, everyone. First off, I'd just like to apologise for my current inactivity and lack of updates, because I'm sure there are plenty of you out there who are wondering when my next fanfic is going to be uploaded and whatnot. I've been making painfully slow progress with my MLP stories lately, and the fact that I've been busy with a lot of London and North Western Railway modelling projects hasn't helped matters either, but I'm also a little anxious about the mention of the MLP:FiM Season 6 premiere featuring the return of the changelings, and how that's going to affect the story I'm working on with Hornette and Locomotion as the main characters. My basic concern, because I'm the sort of person who tries to tie my stories into the show headcanon as much as possible, is the possibility that Chrysalis and her subjects end up being reformed just like Luna, Discord, Trixie, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer and Gilda before them, thus rendering my own story null and void. (I'd just like to point out, I've not been following the series since Brotherhooves Social because I didn't want to see what Crusaders of the Lost Mark was like until I'd finished the sequel to Tiara in the Rough, so I haven't yet had the chance to see Starlight as anything other than a menace, for which, again, I can only apologise. Also, for information's sake, Hornette is a female changeling pacifist whom I've thought up as a love interest for Loco.)

In all honesty, I seem to have overloaded myself with unfinished fanfics at the moment, because I've also got a really complicated saga in the works that centres around Locomotion, a train crash and a certain pair of musicians that I'm sure many of you will know. The story started off as a collaboration between me and a couple of friends, and was intended to be told in the first person from multiple points of view (essentially, our intention was that each of us would write for a single character, with me handling Loco's POV), but due to numerous other commitments on the part of my friends, I now bear full responsibility for all three storylines. Of the three storylines, Loco's is at least 75% complete, but the second one is still less than half-done, and I haven't even started on the third one. So yeah, that's taking a hellishly long time to do; and progress on the Tiara in the Rough sequel, which (spoiler alert) will be centring around Sweetie-Belle and Lickety-Split, is equally slow at the moment because I've been working on an original song for Sweetie-Belle. Even though I'm doing well with the lyrics, I'm still nowhere near working out the tune, hence why I seem to be taking forever to upload it.

Again, I can only apologise for keeping you guys in suspense for so long, and I'll do my level best to try and get the Tiara in the Rough sequel finished at the very least. I'll probably have to take a break from the other two stories I'm doing right now until I can overcome writer's block with the Loco/Hornette story, and/or get a bit of fresh inspiration for the other one, maybe write about some other pairing or individual character, but we'll just have to wait and see. If you have any suggestions for characters or pairings that I haven't written about yet (bearing in mind that most of the characters I've already featured have been paired up with somepony, so I'd rather avoid any pairings that clash with my current headcanon), then feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below. I can't guarantee I'll use those pairings or characters, but I'll at least consider them. Thanks for your time.

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