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Junko Enoshima

I wonder will people ever know that their actions have consequences?

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    Oblivion let's play

    What should I do?

    I have a few things in mind but!

    I'm not sure what race/ class I should be!

    So I need your help ! What should I go for in oblivion!

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    A new Addiction has appeared!!!

    I think you all know what it is

    It has UNDER <3 and a TAIL

    But you cannot guess who my fav character is!!
    P.M. Me if you know

    Also I have been doing a TON of work
    A Skele-TON

    ~Nyah ha ha!!

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    Mlp CCG

    Does anypony still play this?

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    Trans blog 100

    I'm not dead !!!
    Annnnd my parents where ok with it sorry I was gone soooo loooonnnng

    Blame anime if you wish ;)

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    Trans Blog 01

    How i feel my parents and friends may react

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Mlp CCG · 1:40am Mar 7th, 2016

Does anypony still play this?

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... Play it? I thought we were just supposed to look at the pretty images and have our headcannons destroyed by the taglines.

3798592 I do I got five different decks.

I'm sorry sweetie my pm limits went off

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