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The Hinted Story (Reprise) (New story so you should read it) · 11:25pm Aug 25th, 2012

Screw previous post, I'm too lazy to draw a full, planned comic.

So, here's a preview. Critique heavily... even you, iloveportalz0r. I need to know if this'll work.

I have been told that, at one point, there was color in this world. That the borders of our populace were not marked with deep trenches and walls of fog. That all races lived together, in harmony.

I have been told my fathers' name was Silver, for his coat was a pale gray - although that is not uncommon - and that my mother was Snow, a white unicorn. They were both killed for interracial interaction. I was spared.

I am an Earth Pony, as all in Terria are. My coat is black as night, as many are, and my eyes are pale as the few clouds that drift from Airtica. All of our eyes are white now. There is no change in emotion through them, for we have no pupils and cannot blink as well.

I wish I could say that the ponies did this, that some dragon or griffon or changeling invaded our land and cast us into eternal twilight, but it is not the truth. This is the fault of Him. He was the one who changed our lands.

But... He vanished. A thousand years into this limbo, when the sun and the moon vanished from the sky. That was when the last of the rebels vanished as well, eight ponies who had stood against him.

The Eight divided the land through decades of shadow, splitting it into parts so the fighting would end. On the north side is Airtica, the land of the Pegasi. In the east, Arcana, the land of the Unicorns. The south is my homeland, Terria, where the Earth Ponies live. In the west is Haven, the land where the animals fled to, as no pony with malicious thoughts can enter. In the very center is a wide swath of river, a thick band of churning water that no pony of any race can cross.

Not that they'd want to. Despite the thick, rich soil on the outer edge, but the inner turns to dust and sand, and stretches as far as the eye can see. Some cartographers from Terria have walked the entire edge, and proclaimed it to be a perfect circle.

They say that three of the Eight reside in the Badlands, and one in each region. Two reside in Haven.

That is my goal.

I will challenge the Eight to their honor, find Him and face Him. He will fall, and the world will become pristine again.

For now, though, I have to bring water back to my colony.

So yeah, critique as harshly as need be.

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>Critique heavily... even you, iloveportalz0r
But I don't wanna read it! I'm busy programming! :applecry:


You can read it later; I need moar emoticons :yay:

314212 I'm programming Le Minecraft Mods :twilightsmile:

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