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Faded pictures bleached by sun, the tale's told, the summer's done. In memories, the pines still play, on a sunny summer's day.

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    My IRL Voice (AKA me having too much fun singing badly)

    Just if anyone wanted to know, I have this horrible one-take recording of Love Me Like You (that I am still quite proud of regardless) that I sang with a guy on the Sing app. Sharing it with you guys because I'm feeling adventurous today. Singers, have a good laugh.

    And yes, I'm the girl.

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  • 298 weeks
    I think I found my doppelganger

    Well, today, I found my look-a-like. Yes, one of those 7 people in the world that supposedly look like you. I've found one of them. She has the same glasses, hair color and length (though mine is an inch or two longer), same body type, like the same age as me, even similar interests and likes which is how I found her in the first place. :rainbowderp:

    Excuse me while I question my life.

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    Elsa BB


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    Equestria Girls 4: Legend of Everfree

    It's that time of year again. Time that I announce my brand new series for the next few months: Equestria Girls 4: Legend of Everfree!

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    How to make a plot in one day

    It begins tomorrow.

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Elsa BB · 10:54pm Mar 5th, 2016


Flurry Heart is basically Elsa. Honestly, this is kind of unoriginal to us but I do have to give some credit to Hasbro for cashing in on the never ending Frozen trend. And now that I think about it, why is Frozen still so damn popular? It's almost been 3 years people..... let it go.


I saw Sunburst in there too. I really don't like him. I kind of want him to be a jerk. So it justifies more of Starlight's backstory. Then again, we need more male characters on the show, so I'm torn.

(My Legends of Everfree story will hopefully return tomorrow. I got really caught up and obsessed with Madoka Magica (see profile pic). Sorry!)

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