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    New Story-"Bad Kitty"

    Through some recent leaks and rumors that MLP will be ending after season 9, it's looking very unlikely that we'll ever get a G4 representation of Catrina, which while I can't expect FIM to reboot every G1 character ever, it is disappointing. And it is rather weird to me that they're probably not going to do it especially after they made anthro cats canon with Capper in the MLP Movie. However,

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    The Last Jedi

    Sooooo I'm confused on why so many people seem to hate this movie.

    Is it because it killed a ton of fan theories? And maybe Luke wasn't portrayed how the fanbase thought he would be?

    Something tells me that's it, but I don't really get it. I thought it was pretty good.

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    Disney has bought Fox

    Soooooo yeah that happened. The X-Men are back where they belong now. Maybe they'll actually put Wolverine in the yellow suit this time. Maybe we'll finally get a good Fantastic Four movie too.

    Also does this mean Anastasia isn't a Disney ripoff anymore?:rainbowlaugh:

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    Patrick Stewart voicing Poop Emoji.

    Yeah. I'm not kidding. Professor X and Captain Picard is voicing a literal pile of shit in the upcoming Emoji Movie.

    See it's things like this that prove that Hell exists, and we're living in it.

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    New chapter for Why Bother!

    I've posted a new chapter of Why Bother if you've been keeping up with it! Here, we're going to be seeing Luxure attending some group therapy with a couple of familiar faces, all of them able to relate to her in some way. And one of them may understand more than they let on. I'm going to do my best to not leave as big of a gap in between chapters for this fic and others. Computer's been breaking

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Zootopia · 3:26am Mar 5th, 2016

Okay guys lemme just say something. This is a very very good movie. Probably my favorite animated movie of 2016 so far, and I doubt that that's going to change given how good it is. Unlike most people who saw this with their kids, I saw this movie by myself. As in, my parents didn't come with me and neither did either of my brothers. I honestly didn't mind that at all because my parents had their own stuff to do, I really didn't want to deal with my youngest brother (he's seriously out of control, you don't even know.) and the middle one I especially didn't want to deal with because ever since the first trailer of this movie was released he's been a huge asshole about it. Without even going to see the thing he right away accused it of "Pushing the Furry agenda onto kids", which is probably the most detached from reality thing I've heard come out of his mouth in a while given that this isn't even the only movie in the world to have anthro, talking animals. (Also he's super hypocritical about it given that one of his favorite games happens to be Star Fox.) he's one of those people that'll just gripe about intentions that aren't really there. This is also coming from the same guy that thinks Family Guy is still funny and that Undertale has no plot...yeah.

In terms of the actual movie itself, one of its strongest points is the visuals. You can say pretty much whatever you want to about the rest of the movie, but it can't be denied that it's really beautiful-looking and incredibly detailed. I can't say I'm surprised because Disney has definitely some of the best animators in the industry, but oh my God it's so good-looking. Zootopia in itself is a very creative city in the way it integrates all the different animal's needs and whatnot. (Though there is not one single non-mammal in this movie. What? :rainbowhuh: And also what the heck are the predators in the movie supposed to eat if they get along so well with their natural enemies? The movie doesn't really answer those questions, but I mean, there's a fucking rabbit wearing a police uniform and talking. I think we'll live) The humor reminds me a lot of the way Gravity Falls did its humor. A lot of adult-ish jokes that can really go over a kid's head and still be really funny to them (there's kind of a lot of implied racism/specieism jokes in this) There's of course that one scene that pretty much everyone on Youtube has seen of the sloths running the DMV and yeah it got a big laugh out of me too because...yeah that's basically what the DMV is like. The jokes are pretty damn smart. Just like with a lot of movies nowadays, this movie has a message that basically says we really shouldn't be prejudiced when we don't even know what someone is like and especially not base those stupid prejudices off of stereotypes (Bunnies can be aggressive and not all foxes need to be sneaky assholes for instance.) and it tries to get the point across without being overly preachy. It succeeds on a pretty good level. And considering that this is the same company that made Song of the South which most people consider to be racist as shit, it shows we've come a long way since then. So yes, see this movie. PLEASE.

Also this movie has the same guy that voiced Stanford Pines and Cave Johnson in it as the lion mayor. Just thought I should mention that :rainbowwild:

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Ikr, I just watched it in the afternoon.

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