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Let the dreaming commence!

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  • 171 weeks
    Where can I get my hooves on MLP Animations?

    I have to say I am an enormous fan of The Moon Rises by Ponyphonic, Elimonty has a gorgeous voice and Duo Cartoonist are superlative, here it is in case you've been living in a cave,

    I also love, Lullaby for a Princess, here's this one too, animated by Warp Out,

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  • 184 weeks
    New Story!

    I was bored, a little fed up and I hadn't posted anything for ages, so I decided to hammer out a story in about two hours.

    It's called Hard Choices and awaits mod approval.


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  • 195 weeks
    friendship is magic, feels

    i think if the day ever comes that Friendship is Magic is cancelled, i might actually cry...

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  • 203 weeks
    Happy Nightmare Night everypony!

    That time is upon us again! Oh joyous Nightmare Night!

    Celebrate by sharing your favourite pictures of our dear Princess Luna!

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  • 215 weeks
    Tails of Equestria!

    Tails of Equestria!

    In case you were wondering, yes it is a thing, and yes I do know folk at Riverhorse, but sadly no I do not know Alessio Calvatore, though I have had the pleasure of speaking with him at GW Games Day :twilightsheepish:

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Alien Isolation · 9:34pm Mar 4th, 2016

'cause what could possibly go wrong with that?

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Comments ( 6 )

Tell me about it. :fluttershyouch:
But, it's a great videogame! :pinkiehappy:


I think SEGA should apologise for trying to kill me, my heart keeps skipping...

3791389 Hahahahaha. In what mission are you?


Scimed, and it' still after me.
I've been down a train. Two trains! And it's still following me!

It's being kind of a dick...

3791420 Oh. From there, the things get very interesting. :ajsmug:


You ever notice how horsey straight it's teeth are? I've had several good looks at them, so from an orthodontic perspective it's been really interesting already.

On the plus side, it just ate the doc, so that's my escape sorted! hopefully it'll leave me alone while it digests.

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