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Sean Shamrock

Who gives a shot anymore my stories suck and none of them are good, not to mention I have no reason to call myself an author or writer

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I have to go on Hiatus. · 6:25pm Mar 4th, 2016

So i have heart breaking news everyone...my contacts ripped and I can't afford more or afford glasses and without either of those two things my eyesite has been rendered to legally blind. Unfortunately this means I am unable to write at the moment as I can only see from VERY close distances. So sadly i have to put all projects on hold until i can afford glasses. This sadens me deeply to the point of depression as I had 3 stories on the burner ready to be started. So again my deepest apoligies but there wont be any stories until I can get glasses and regain my eyesight. Fear not I'll still update my blog from my phone and I'll try my best to update youtube but again no promises. To all 52 of my followers I am deeply sorry for this inconvenience and I'll try my best to get my eyesight back. Thank you.

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Comments ( 5 )

3791158 cause my persceiption is so strong its like $100 thats not including the $20 I would pay for frames.

3791158 cause unless the object is right in front of my face then i cant see it. I'm farsided so everything at a distance is blurry.

Sorry to hear this/that, dude. Hope you can work things out soon!

3792305 Ya I'm gonna see how far i can get by squinting and typing in large font but no promises cause i feel so depressed not being able to make music or write.

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