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Spiral really has no idea what they're doing and they hope you like what you're reading.

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    A Placeholder Journal

    Anything. Anything at all you'd like to say to me can go in the comments, whether for better or worse. I'd like to know is all.

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    I've felt such a distance as of late. I suppose it happens when you haven't really been into a series after a while. Season 3 just really killed it for me, and what interest sparked in the show just hasn't been there anymore. I look at what I've written, what I want to write, and it's not coming to me.

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A Placeholder Journal · 4:11pm Mar 4th, 2016

Anything. Anything at all you'd like to say to me can go in the comments, whether for better or worse. I'd like to know is all.

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I just wanted to say you are Awesome And to keep being so! Anything going on?

Ah thank you!! And not much really, just working up to being more active.

Hey, love Dust a ton! One of my favorite macro stories, period. Am still absolutely floored by how well you describe the indescribably large.

Saw that you share pics of males, and add guys to some chapters. Are you bi, or is it more an effort to be even-handed with the community (for gay/bi guys or straight female readers)?

Thank you very much! Flattered you think so.

All of those, actually. Bi myself, and would like to be fair for all readers.

3791030 I was kind of worried that you were dismotivated or gave up. I mean, if you felt it wasnt working, thats fine, you are more important. What matters is the writer.
Anything you want to talk about or something? (otherwise you wouldnt made this journal).

Mischmasch brought you to my attention. I'm pretty starved for good long stories involving Discord, and, well, any stories involving OC or SI draconequines. They're kind of my favorite thing to read about but I imagine they're hard to rite gud because of the insane personal power that makes trivial any struggle that isn't internal or directed at others that the main character desires to protect. Anyway the point is I really liked Mischmash and appreciate the difficulty you're having writing Snickersnatch. Even though I wanted it and am still really happy Discord was reformed cuz it meant we'd get to see him on the show more than once it did remove a significant source of conflict that could be used in fanfiction involving him like in Mischmasch.

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