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    Updates for stuff happening

    So you know how I said that I had some big plans for this year?:twilightsmile: I'm now able to be more specific regarding what:pinkiehappy:

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    Hey guys I'm not dead!

    Hey guys! Guess what? I'm not dead:pinkiehappy:, just lazy, distracted and I've had some crazy shit happen to me the past 2 years:twilightblush::pinkiehappy: going to college and moving into my own apartment to name a few things.:twilightsmile: Well the point of this blog is to say that I'm going to hopefully be getting really active on the internet again:pinkiehappy: and I have plans for some

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    New artwork

    Man it has been forever since I last posted one of these up here......Hopefully I'll make more soon. This is a drawing I did as a birthday present for a friend.:pinkiehappy:

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    Happy Thanksgiving to Everypony

    Happy Thanksgiving Everypony! :pinkiesmile: I hope you are all having a wonderful time with your families or whoever you have fun with on Thanksgiving. Art project update: I am currently working on a Halo 4 Spartan IV armor costume for a convention I'm going to in December. I will be posting updates as I complete parts of it. Also I am working on a Rainbow Dash Spartan drawing for someone

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    I'm reading in Economics LOL!

    Hey everypony, I'm in the middle of Macro Economics in College and I'm reading ponies:rainbowlaugh:.......LOL WUT!:rainbowwild: But don't tell Twilight, she'd be pissed beyond belief:twilightangry2: and I really don't have time to deal with that right now.
    This is Rainbow Ninja, Y'all stay classy:rainbowdetermined2::moustache: I'll be watching from the shadows:trollestia:

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Updates for stuff happening · 7:39pm Mar 3rd, 2016

So you know how I said that I had some big plans for this year?:twilightsmile: I'm now able to be more specific regarding what:pinkiehappy:
The first thing is that I have finally gotten the capture card I've been wanting for over 2 years:rainbowkiss: This means I finally have all the equipment I need (technically:twilightblush:) to start my youtube-lets-play channel:pinkiehappy::yay::derpytongue2:

I'm hopefully going to start recording an insane play through of the mass effect series either today or on Saturday:rainbowdetermined2:
The other thing I'm really excited about is that my CMD Studio 2A has finally come in:pinkiehappy::yay:

I've always been a fan of techno/trap/electronica/house/dubstep (you get the idea:twilightblush:) music and I've wanted to get my own DJ equipment so I could learn to create my own. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out the basics quickly:twilightblush:
I'm planning on posting the next update once I have my first video compete:twilightsmile:
Until next time, you all stay classy:moustache: I will be watching from the shadows.

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