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    Halo Infinite Update: Week 2

    Yeah, so I haven't touched Infinite in two days.

    After the weekly ultimate challenge was "get five killing sprees in Fiesta" (but Frenzies and Riots don't count) and their absolutely pathetic response to the cheating and hacking (see above), I'm going to try and finish RDR2 PC before the campaign hits.

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  • Thursday
    Thank you. Thank you all.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

    Another year has almost wrapped, and I'm once again taking inventory of everything in my life that I'm grateful for. It's been an emotional roller coaster for sure, but that's for another post later on.

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  • 6 days
    Halo Infinite Review: Week 1

    Alright, so last Monday, 343 Industries released Halo Infinite's multiplayer a week early before the official launch date of December 8th. Let's take a look at the various areas of the game, and compare them to previous titles.

    Campaign: N/A / 10

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  • 1 week
    I'd say I don't have the words, but I do, so...

    The top post on r/Halo this morning is evidence of all the store bundles leaked, revealing that you would have to spend a total of $1,035 to unlock everything that is not obtainable by playing.

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  • 1 week
    Now to do my solemn duty...

    ...of taking this verdict, and ponifying and parodying it in Letters.

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#DailyHalo 2 · 11:06am Mar 2nd, 2016

For my second Daily Halo, I have for you folks, quite appropriately, a two-fer.

During a Warzone Assault match tonight, I discovered an opponent using the recently-discovered exploit where you glitch into the armory wall.

I trekked back to our secured REQ station and obtained my solution:

Knock knock, you exploiting sack of shit.

Two strikes did him in, and the armory was captured moments later. Here's the video from my last blog entry:

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Comments ( 5 )

I hate players who exploit game bugs. It is like they think it's okay to wreck someone else's gaming experience by being douche bags.

3787518 The video is slowly climbing the Hot column in the Halo subreddit. More and more people are discovering this solution.

Excellent. Good on you man.

The only other thing that irritates me almost as much as people exploiting things on a map that they really shouldn't, is asshole teammates.

You know the ones. Who pester the shit out of you or straight up team kill you when you've grabbed a power weapon that they want or just in general troll their own team for a reaction.

I say almost because I actively try to get these people to kill me so I can boot them for their shit.

3788814 Precisely the reason I don't use any Ultra Rare, Legendary, or Mythic REQs in Warzone. I'm waiting for Firefight, and friendly fire better be off.


Looking forward to that myself.

I was talking more about Arena/Big Team Battle as far as asshole teammates go. I very rarely have those issues in Warzone.

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