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  • Thursday
    I am really unsure what I'll do with myself.

    So the news has been making the rounds for the past 24 hours; unless the corporate psychopaths change gears, hard, third-party apps for Reddit will be a thing of the past on July 1st, when new, absurd levels of pricing are put into effect for API access.

    If that actually happens, I am going to have so much fucking free time outside of work. And during work.

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  • Thursday
    Tell Your Tale: As the Misty Clears

    This week... Holy shit! Plot!!!

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  • Thursday
    Know what I can't stand?

    Strangers on social media who think they know everything.

    The developers of Valheim have put out a statement of their stance against paid mods.

    I've been catching shit for two days for supporting that stance.

    "wHy ShOuLdN't MoDdErS gEt PaId???"

    Allow me to explain why supporters of paid mods are goddamn fucking morons.

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  • Tuesday
    Diablo IV in this room is going to be hell this weekend.

    Pun intended.

    I'm not even running a game for crying out loud, and these aren't the highest temps for the week yet, which are supposed to get here for the weekend.

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  • 1 week
    Writing has been slow this week.

    So after rapid-fire writing and posting those updates to Unicorn Attack, I decided to resume posting in the order that I was previously.

    But the next chapter updates aren't going smoothly. You would think that restaurant business in a college town would slow down with school being out, but that's not the case just yet.

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Cheating? It's Hammer Time. · 8:48am Mar 2nd, 2016

This felt so fucking good.

This exploit has been known for a few weeks; you tilt a warthog on the wall, then get out, and you'll drop down INTO the wall, making capturing the Armory impossible for the attacking team.

Bullets and grenades don't get to you, but luckily, a Gravity Hammer does.

We went on to win the match.

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