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  • Wednesday
    God, please give me some entertainment on this boring work day.

    God: "Okay, Miles. Here's an r/antiwork mod going on Fox News who doesn't believe eye contact is all that important in society to do an interview. And the entire subreddit going private when it expectedly blows up in their faces."

    I love when prayers are answered.

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  • Monday
    Exciting Day

    If you're a [American] football fan, you really don't get more exciting games than today. I'm not really a fan, but they're fun to watch.

    Both divisional games went to overtime today.

    Other than that, bit of gaming, bit of writing.

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  • Friday
    No promises, but I love being a tease.

    My story motivation comes primarily from two places:

    1. My imagination, frequently running amok with 'what if' scenarios after watching an episode or movie, and at other times...

    2. Popular reader requests that I attempt to capitalize on.

    So, here, I'm going with #2.

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  • 1 week
    So Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard today.

    My entertainment today has mainly been giggling at entitled internet morons who don't have a damned clue what a "monopoly" is, and just throw it around as a buzzword. Even with this acquisition, Microsoft is still smaller than Sony and Tencent.

    I don't care how golden his parachute is, get Kotick the fuck out of there.

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  • 1 week
    Starting a new business venture.


    Salads For MEN.

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Cheating? It's Hammer Time. · 8:48am Mar 2nd, 2016

This felt so fucking good.

This exploit has been known for a few weeks; you tilt a warthog on the wall, then get out, and you'll drop down INTO the wall, making capturing the Armory impossible for the attacking team.

Bullets and grenades don't get to you, but luckily, a Gravity Hammer does.

We went on to win the match.

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