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I'm just a guy who enjoys writing stories and making art, please enjoy my work.

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  • 3 weeks
    Night Patrol 2 chapter 70 update

    Hello, chapter 70 is ready to be edited it's not quite as long as 69, only about 10K, but it could be split into two 5K chapters. I'll review the events to see what makes more sense. I'm going to get 71 going tonight, and start editing 70 tomorrow to give it some time to rest. that way I can fine the errors better.

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  • 7 weeks
    Night Patrol 2 Chapter 69 update

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to report that I am alive, and almost done with the next chapter! Yay! I've been so productive since getting over my cold and writers block that the chapter presently is about 12000 words (25 pages) long! pre editing and refining. I'm still working out the last scene of the chapter. which might become it's own mini chapter if it's long enough. It was supposed to be a

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  • 10 weeks
    Night Patrol 2 update

    Hello everyone, I'm afraid I have some bad news. I'm a little behind on my writing, because I caught a cold (Not Covid) colds still exist and I was out of commission for a few days. When I recover I realize I need to do some rewrites to chapter 69 and then my computer starts acting wonky. Freezing, getting not responding messages. You know that the things that terrify you when you have thousands

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  • 12 weeks
    Night Patrol Story update, Chapter 68 & 69

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to know that chapter 68 is almost done, it's a maybe more of a half chapter, or intermission, but the contents are something I thought would be nice to have in the story. I'll have to touch it up some more, but it won't take long. And since the chapter is shorter then usual, I'm planning to post ch 68 and 69 at the same time when their finished. 69 is about a quarter

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  • 22 weeks
    Night Patrol 2 news

    Ok, so I was supposed to be editing chapter 64, but I decided it was time to finalize the rest of the story on paper or rather text. I made a rough outline of ch 65+ and if I keep to my schedule. chapter 70 will be the end. That's not a hard number, but I wanted to get something more concert down, so I just didn't keep extending the story on, and on because I forgot X details because I didn't

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Who the hell is Tom? · 5:11am Mar 2nd, 2016

Really who the hell is Tom? After the return of discord episode where Rarity names that rock Tom, it's bothered me because Tom is a normal name. Does this mean ponies can have normal names or is it a pet name? Cause animals seem to be the only ones that get normal names.

Report Foxgear · 218 views · #Rarity
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Rarity likes cats. She obviously imagines Tom as being masculine. The connnection is clear.

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