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Three Little Visitors Again · 2:31am Mar 1st, 2016

The "add it to the main story"'s people have it!
To be honest, I'm still kind of uncertain.

I should just like to warn though, it's going to be a couple of chapters long. I'm thinking 5 off the top of my head, but generally whatever I think is wrong, and it's longer. I'm starting to think it should just be a separate story.
Thoughts, anyone? Still add it to the end of the story?

Also, if anyone would like a brief synopsis, feel free to comment and I'll scribble one together so you can get a look into what's coming. I don't want there to be a huge spoiler box in this journal entry.

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I would prefer a separate sequel instead of on the main story tbh

Also, if anyone would like a brief synopsis, feel free to comment and I'll scribble one together so you can get a look into what's coming.

May I? :rainbowkiss:

3785453 Only too happy to oblige. Let me set the scene.

Imagine, if you will: Three perfectly normal children.

... Okay, well I tried to be serious for a second there, but lets face it. No chance.

Basically what I have in mind is a story from Adagio's perspective. I felt that Sunset, Sonata, and Aria's views were fairly well fleshed out in the main story, but that only one side of Adagio was shown. Her deeper feelings and struggles were a central part of the story to be sure, but never explored in the living girl, if you see what I mean. Sonata had the bonding with Sunset that brought her into her own, and Aria's care and analytical concern for the trio's cohesion allowed for her to be instrumental in the story as a character. Sunset had the benefit of the story being from her perspective, but Adagio was really more of an object in the story in a way. Her agency wasn't much explored.
I hope to do that in this story. Give her point of view.

Sunset is taking her three children to a Canterlot spring party hosted at Canterlot Castle in order to meet the princesses and whatnot. Adagio doesn't much fancy it, having a general disdain for posh do's and nonsense, and still isn't as receptive to Sunset as her sisters are. Whilst at the party, they encounter Discord.
What is the phrase the young people say? "Hilarity ensues".
Discord meets the three and decides that he sees danger on the horizon, and so sets out to solve the problem his way.

The story will have the same gravity as the first, with plenty of feels and stuff. The tone will not change. It's essentially an exploration of Adagio's perspective and growth, which as I say, I felt was a little under-done int he original story.

well god, if it's 5 or more chapters, make a new story! I was only letting myself hope for 2 chapters :raritystarry:
honestly, if you're this conflicted, you should just keep them separate. it also stems any lingering desires to poke at the main, already-finished story. as a bonus, since you're an established writer, by the new site policies you should be eligible for auto-approval. ^__^

3785519 Auto-approval? Where do I sign up for that? Edit: Never mind. It took me a second or two to remember Knighty's site update. All I could remember were those site messages about coding issues.

You're right though. My main point of conflict was adding what feels like an entirely separate story-line to the already finished one.

3785527 I swear I'm not making this up, knighty said it so I assume it's true

Originally, I would've accepted you tacking onto the main story because making a new one can be a pain. Without the hoop-jumping, I sincerely believe you should do what works best for you. We're junkies simple readers, we really don't care how you get the good to us. A stand-alone story stands alone, it doesn't need a giant crutch. If you're seriously concerned about our ability to find a separate story, just post a blog with a link to the sequel and story-tag Three Little Visitors. And do whatever is necessary to make it a de facto sequel on the site.

5 chapters on the low ball? Definitely make it a new story instead of adding it to the first one.

If it's gonna be that many then make it a separate story.

3785495 The premise certainly seems interesting. I'm looking forward to it!

Skipping WAY down to avoid the spoiler, but I wanted to add in my two cents.

If what you are proposing is a complete story in itself, then you might be better off making it a separate entry.


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