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Do me a favor? Plus a teaser for Chapter 33! · 4:12am Feb 29th, 2016

Hi, all!

First up, in case you don't follow me but do appreciate good Soarburn stuff (and I suspect that you do :raritywink:), check out my blog on getting one of my Soarburn shirts.

Second, as I've mentioned before, I'm reworking some of the earlier chapters of Sensation, and at this point, I'd love some input. Below the break, I've put some links to a couple Google documents that you should be able to comment on. They include the prologue and chapters 1-4. Any feedback you have is very welcome, and I hope you enjoy this look back at where it all started.

And because you're wonderful and I love you, I've got a teaser for the next chapter! Check it out below!

Cool! You clicked on the link to the journal or the "View Full" button! You're awesome!

Here are the links to the documents. Again, any and all feedback is welcome, though note that it will be publicly available. PMs are fine, too:

Prologue, Chapters 1 & 2
Chapters 3 & 4

Thanks for coming this far. If you'd like to see the teaser, it's spoiled below this photo by InGlobWeTrust, presented without context.

Eagle Eye got out of the carriage, did a quick sweep of the street, and then disappeared inside. Braeburn peeked through the velvet curtains. "Bad Sun Rising? Oh! This is your favorite restaurant, right? Huh… That logo almost looks like Celestia…"

I smirked. He was in for a treat.

Eagle Eye gave us the all-clear and escorted us into the restaurant, saying, "Lunch rush looks like it's over. I've already asked the other patrons to give you space."

"Aw, hope ya' weren't too rude!" Braeburn said. "Wouldn't want to spoil their meal."

That earth pony of mine… Even after being swarmed by the crowds on the way to the Academy just an hour or so before, he was still concerned about strangers' happiness.

We walked past the hostess' podium and sat down at a booth – my booth – where the early afternoon sunlight rested on the brim of Braeburn's hat. Eagle Eye was at a table nearby, but I was focused on Braeburn. He looked curiously around at the old, hoof-painted art and the red and gold décor that made it look like a retro diner from downtown Manehattan. Then his eyes caught something behind me, and he smiled right as a familiar female voice spoke up.

"Been a few weeks, Sugar. I was worried you were gone for good." She stepped up to the table and looked as radiant as ever.


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Looking good so far bud. No errors or spelling mistakes I can see. Can't wait for More!

Thanks, HM! I really appreciate you taking a look. :scootangel:

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